Each time when the mailman delivers the new Minted catalog I immediately get excited about holiday cards. I honestly even forget about them until I see some pretty stuff that animates and reminds me to send some love to our fiends and family. And usually I’m always a bit too late. This year I’m going to get ( on time ) some cards with rose gold foil! Yes, rose gold! After gold and silver Minted offers also rose gold. My favorite gold of all gold. Here are some of the Minted holiday cards I’m ogling with….

minted-holiday-cards-1 clockwise from top left: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8

The other thing I’m strongly considering is sending our parents a calendar  with our pictures. In the days of digital photography parents and grandparents are so happy when they can hold a real picture in their hands and show something when friends come over to visit. Here are few I bet my grandma would love to see on her wall…

minted-holiday-cards-2 clockwise from top left: 1-2-3-4

*This post is sponsored by Minted. Lovely folks at Minted reached out to me to collaborate, but all opinions and ideas are my own. I would only write about things I really use and enjoy.

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Foggy and gloomy days are back in San Francisco. And what’s better than pretty, colourful flowers to cheer up grey days. I went on a field trip for 7×7 and scouted San Francisco flower shops you should keep in mind when it comes to filling your home with fresh blooms, finding a perfect bouquet for your mom, grabbing last minute roses for your darling or getting festive arrangements for the upcoming holidays. With this list we are ready to welcome Karl back.

san-francisco-flower-shops san-francisco-flower-shops-3 san-francisco-flower-shops-7 san-francisco-flower-shops-5 Let me know what your favorite SF flower shop is!

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Today I finally have another guide created for you, but you can read it over at 7×7.  I’m so thrilled to see my Dogpatch Guide being on their website. When we moved here 2,5 years ago 7×7 was my daily destination to discover things to do and see in SF and the Bay Area and now I have my own guide there. This really makes me happy! So if you want to know what I have discovered in the new up and coming neighborhood of Dogpatch and how you can spend you day there, here it comes for you:
Dogpatch Guide! 

dog-patch-guide-24 dog-patch-guide-22 dog-patch-guide-14 dog-patch-guide-17 dog-patch-guide-21 dog-patch-guide-27 dog-patch-guide-31 dog-patch-guide-5

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