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Although I’m not really jumping at a chance to be in front of the camera, I couldn’t resist when my friend and amazing photographer, Marianna Jamadi, asked me to play model for her giveaway collaboration with Sanuk Footwear for their new Kat Collection. We met in Hayes Valley and had lots of fun browsing around, looking for colorful walls, riding a bike and trying to put the shoes in the best light. I discovered Marianna’s work few months back on Tiny Atlas Quarterly and have been following her since then on Instagram until we met in person few weeks ago. She moved to SF!
You can admire her beautiful photography and her travel adventures over at her blog, Nomadic Habit and for more behind the scenes check out her Instagram.  Also don’t forget to enter her giveaway for the chance to win a pair of these red beauties I’m wearing.

What you have to do: Head over to her instagram (@nomadic_habit.com) and repost the giveaway photo with the hashtag #nomadicKat and tag @nomadic_habit and @sanukfootwear for your chance to win. You can also post a picture with the hashtag #nomadicKat  of an exciting place where would you wear your new pair of Sanuk’s. Giveaway ends on Dec 23rd, so right in time to get your own present. :) Good luck! 

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Vegas is all about glitter, fun, feathers, money, consumption and more consumption. Three days is a maximum I can stand to be irradiated by air condition and the sound of slot machines, yet I would always go back – for three days.  People traveling to Vegas don’t really have educational aspects in mind, unless you are there for some conferences. But even then, I wonder how much one can learn at a conference in Las Vegas?

neon-museum-las-vegas-2 neon-museum-las-vegas-4 neon-museum-las-vegas-7 neon-museum-las-vegas-11

However, if you feel the urge to get to know a little bit more about Las Vegas’s past, which is quite interesting ( think mafia bosses, show girls, crazy billionaires, dessert and money ),  I deeply recommend making a visit to Las Vegas Neon Museum.  This place is truly unique. Old, forgotten and abandoned  lights are telling the history of nation’s Sin City. The makers of the museum did an amazing job in curating, restoring  and creating an entertaining tour to enjoy the beauty of this power guzzling art. You will learn which sign was the first one to litt up, which one only lasted for few days, which one was marketing the atom test public watching party, why is Flamingo called Flamingo and many more fun facts about LV. I don’t want to be a spoiler so go, see and hear for yourself.

neon-museum-las-vegas-12 neon-museum-las-vegas-14 neon-museum-las-vegas-19 neon-museum-las-vegas-20 neon-museum-las-vegas-25

They are offering day and night tours, although lights are on during the night, I would go for the day tour. You will get much better pictures, in case you are interested in good pictures. The colors are just amazing in the day light. The tour goes for about 1h and costs $20. Don’t forget sunscreen and water. Remember, you are still in the dessert. Note: If you are a photographer and you plan on selling or using the pictures for any commercial purposes, you will have to take the photography tour which is about $75. For blogging or social media you are fine with the general admission.

neon-museum-las-vegas-32 neon-museum-las-vegas-33 neon-museum-las-vegas-34

neon-museum-las-vegas-31 neon-museum-las-vegas-38

I took about 350 pictures in one hour, so when the fine folks at Casetify reached out to me to try out their new, customizable iPhone cases using Instagrams I knew it had to be one form the Neon Museum. Long time I was against iPhone cases, but few painful headers of my iPhone taught me otherwise. Now my iPhone is protected, while still looking sleek ( super important to me) and reminding me of a fun day in Vegas. I really like the feature that you can use your own pictures. We are hoarding so many beautiful photos and if only one comes to a life beyond camera roll, we are good. Don’t feeling like using your own pictures? No worries. Browse the wide range on designs for everyone’s taste. Or you can consider gifting someone with your photo on the case. Bet your mom would be happy. ;) So friends check out the Neon Museum when you are in Vegas and hop over now to Casetify to browse around and find your next iPhone case.

neon-museum-las-vegas-48 neon-museum-las-vegas-47

neon-museum-las-vegas-35 neon-museum-las-vegas-36 neon-museum-las-vegas-40

*The fine folks at Casetify invited me to try out their cases, but all opinions are my own and I talk only about things I really use and like. 

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Oh it’s the time of the year when we are eating a bit more sweets than we should, but we don’t care, right? It’s feels so comfy and satisfying to bite into something buttery, crispy, soft and good smelling. For my third feature for Rue Daily I shared my all time easiest go-to recipe I would whip up when I don’t have so much time or when my pantry doesn’t give more than sugar, flour and butter. And basically that’s almost all you need for this delicious Apple-Cranberry Crumble. And some fruits and in less than 30 minutes you will have a great dessert you can eat all by yourself or share it with friends, if you like. So hop over to Rue Daily and get the recipe! Happy Monday, friends!

apple-crumble-jars-11 apple-crumble-jars-12 apple-crumble-jars-blog-1 apple-crumble-jars-blog-5

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