When Patrick first texted me, “Oh hey, Adobe is doing this company retreat for 25th Photoshop anniversary. They are having it in some resort in Santa Barbara. I don’t know. Do you wanna go?”, my ears pricked up. Resort?! Santa Barbara?! I felt it, it had to be Bacara Resort, it must be Bacara Resort. And it was Bacara Resort. That’s how we got to spend four nights in this blissful oasis located directly on the cliffs along the coast with beautiful views of the Pacific.

bacara-resort-santa-barbara-80 bacara-resort-santa-barbara-77 bacara-resort-santa-barbara-78 bacara-resort-santa-barbara-56 bacara-resort-santa-barbara-55 bacara-resort-santa-barbara-98 bacara-resort-santa-barbara-94

Four nights and five days we were living in the lap of luxury. I have stayed in few hotels, and not all of them were on the budget side, but this was my first time lodging in a place where you are chauffeured to your rooms in golf carts, where beds are so plush, where paths wiggle through perfectly trimmed green lawns and where everyone has this five stars friendliness, while being very professional. Like most buildings in the Santa Barbara area, the Bacara is a luxurious Spanish-colonial beauty boasting with three pools, tennis courts, spa treatments, fitness center, three restaurants, bar, private beach and right, did I mention the ocean views?
A huge bonus and thumbs up, Bacara, for transforming the driveway fountain into a lush, colorful, drought-resistant succulents garden.

bacara-resort-santa-barbara-5 bacara-resort-santa-barbara-6 bacara-resort-santa-barbara-10 bacara-resort-santa-barbara-4 bacara-resort-santa-barbara-96 bacara-resort-santa-barbara-82

bacara-resort-santa-barbara-14 Initially, my plan was to go out and finally explore the hell out of Santa Barbara ( I have been few times, but never long enough) while Patrick is golfing ( how fancy, right?), but resisting the heated, blue pool at the Spa and the comfy room with fireplace was not possible. Next time, Santa Barbara.

bacara-resort-santa-barbara-52 bacara-resort-santa-barbara-49 bacara-resort-santa-barbara-99 bacara-resort-santa-barbara-44 bacara-resort-santa-barbara-100 bacara-resort-santa-barbara-58

Deciding where to put my feet up was my main daily task. The pool mostly won the race, except one day, when the sky was cloudy and the air a bit too chilly for a bikini, so we stayed in bed, watching Royal Pains, and only made a short walk on the beach. But don’t fret, I wasn’t only lazing around. I went to the gym, I read a book ( So Good They Can’t Ignore You ) and managed to go for a run at 6 am! You are reading right, 6 am! I’m wondering, why is it always easier to get up so early when on vacation? Strange.

bacara-resort-santa-barbara-35 bacara-resort-santa-barbara-32 bacara-resort-santa-barbara-22 bacara-resort-santa-barbara-41

While our breakfast and dinner was organized by Adobe, we had a free choice for lunch. I opted all days to enjoy the healthy dishes at the Spa Café, where attentive staff brought the food directly to my lounge chair. Thank you. Soy-glazed Chicken Breast with Shitake Mushrooms + Kale and Farmer’s Vegetables Stir-Fry were my favorites, but if you are looking for some Burger & Fries, the Bistro had more items on the menu.

bacara-resort-santa-barbara-99 bacara-resort-santa-barbara-87 bacara-resort-santa-barbara-73

bacara-resort-santa-barbara-45 bacara-resort-santa-barbara-29

What can I say, of course, we could have stayed few days longer and I would go back to Bacara in a heart beat. ( Where is my piggy bank? )
At this point, I would like to thank Adobe for organizing this amazing retreat and to all Bacara staff for treating us so well. Until next time.

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Boon Hotel + Spa, Guerneville | Fluxi On Tour

The foggy days are not over yet for San Francisco. Karl has decided to stay a bit longer in town and for us fog-tossed folks, there is no other option as to escape to Napa or Sonoma for some hot summer days and mild evenings. I already highly commended you to check out the up and coming town of Guerneville on the Russian River. Mushrooming with new, trendy food spots and having the Russian Rive for refreshing dips in the backyard, Guerneville is this summer’s top destination in Sonoma. It’s great for a day trip, but if you have vacation days leftover, consider a weekend stay for the full experience. Guerneville is sprinkled with bed & breakfasts, motels, Airbnbs and camping spots, yet for the more luxurious overnight stay I say you go with Boon Hotel + Spa.

Boon Hotel + Spa, Guerneville | Fluxi On Tour Boon Hotel + Spa, Guerneville | Fluxi On Tour Boon Hotel + Spa, Guerneville | Fluxi On Tour

Nestled in a redwood grove, this stylish hotel has everything for your perfect weekend. Spa treatments, massage, pool, cozy rooms for relaxing and if you are looking for cultivated camping, you definitely have to check out their glamping tents! At this pint there are only three tents available, hopefully, they will add some more. Except a small stroll around the property, I haven’t been staying here yet, but I see myself lounging at the pool in the near future.

Boon Hotel + Spa, Guerneville | Fluxi On Tour Boon Hotel + Spa, Guerneville | Fluxi On Tour Boon Hotel + Spa, Guerneville | Fluxi On Tour

Boon hotel+spa has been the first creation by chef/hotelier Crista Luedke, who has grown her imperium to four trendy spots in Guerneville. Boon eat & drink, a California bistro, for delicious food, Big Bottom Market for sandwiches and best biscuits ever ( and I’m not even a huge biscuits fan, but those are just a soft, buttery dream) and El Barrio for drink and small bites.
So, book your stay sooner than later and if you go before I do, let me know how you like it.

boon-hote-spa-guerneville-5 boon-hote-spa-guerneville-1 boon-hote-spa-guerneville-2 boon-hote-spa-guerneville-4

boonhotels.com | 14771 Armstrong Woods Road
facebook | instagram

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Blue -Bottle-Palo-Alto
Blue Bottle - Palo Alto | Fluxi On Tour

Set in the mission-style Hana Haus on University Avenue, a community space for creatives and entrepreneurs, Blue Bottle has secured its A-location in tech-city of Palo Alto. Clean, simple design mixed with freshly roasted beans, stylish Chemex coffee brewers and blue aprons makes this upscale café a great spot  to work, socialize and get ideas flowing.

WHERE :  456 University Ave, Palo Alto
MUST EAT : Crispy and soft waffles with sweet Strawberry Jam. Don’t fret! They have $4 toasts, too!
CONNECT : facebook | twitter | instagrambluebottlecoffee.com


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