rote-grutze-top With Easter around the corner I wanted to share with you one really, easy dessert recipe. I’m not even sure if you can call it recipe as there are only 3 ingredients inside, but believe me it’s super delicious. It’s perfect if you don’t feel like spending too much time in the kitchen whipping up a cake for the Easter brunch.  Add some home-made vanilla sauce and you will get one of  Germany’s favorite desserts. I’m talking about Rote Grütze. Super popular sweet dish in Germany and Denmark. I found out the English transnational is red berry compote, but I hope if this dish ever makes it on American menus it will keep it’s German name, it seams it’s kind of those words like zeitgeist or über. Sounds somehow more fun. Rote Grütze is traditionally made of red and black currants and raspberries, but today’s recipes mostly also use strawberries and cherries. Any berry is fine. You can eat it with ice cream, milk, vanilla sauce, whipped cream or add it as to topping or filling to cakes. I prefer the one with vanilla sauce. So here is my recipe for Rote Grütze and home-made vanilla sauce. Enjoy! rote-gruetze-11 rote-grutze-14 rote-gruetze-15 You will need: makes about 8 servings

Rote Grütze
- 2lb mixed berries, you can use fresh or frozen. If you are using frozen let them tow before handling.
- 2 cups cherry juice
- 3 tbsp sugar
-3 tbsp corn or potato scratch

Vanilla Sauce
- 1/2 cup milk- 1/2 cup heavy cream
- 2 egg yolks
-2 tbsp sugar
- 3 tsp vanilla

What to do:

1. Wash and clean the berries if you are using fresh ones. Cut strawberries in smaller pieces. If you are using frozen berries, let them tow before using.
2. Bring cherry juice and sugar to boil. Reduce the heat to low and add berries. Shimmer for 5 minutes.
3. Whisk the corn scratch with some cherry juice and pour it into the berries while stirring.
4. Cook until the mixture starts to thickens and blisters appear. Remove from heat and set aside.

Vanilla Sauce

1. Mix the egg yolk and the sugar in a heat-proof bowl until well combined.
2. In a sauce pen bring milk with vanilla to shimmer.
3. Remove the milk from heat and add it gradually to the egg-sugar mixture. And stir until you have a smooth sauce.
4. Place everything back in the sauce pen and shimmer until the sauce starts to thickens. But do not boil!

Serve Rote Grütze and Vanilla Sauce hot or cold in a bowl and enjoy!

rote-gruetze-14 rote-grutze-10 rote-grutze-5

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cole-valley-guide-top Cole Valley, a tiny neighborhood just next to Haight Ashbury is all about community. It feels like a city in the city. Even if sometimes wrongly mistaken as a part of Haight Ashbury, this relaxed piece of San Francisco is a neighborhood on it’s own. And a very cute one, too. It seams time is moving slower here in Cole Valley. Even if the life is happening on only three blocks, there is no shortage on amazing restaurants and cool shops. Locals already now about the Cole Valley charm, but most tourist are only interested to see the head shops on Haight Street, so they lucky pass by Cole Valley without noticing it. I personally love to spend time there, my favorite hardware store is in Cole Valley and when guests are in town brunch at Zazie’s is a must. For all of you how need some recreation, hike the Tank Hill up for some beautiful views and treat your self with a latte and some pastries from La Boulange.

cole-valley-9 cole-valley-10 cole-valley-4 EAT

Zazie – French brunch spot. You will get an amazing food and 2-hours-waiting-line experience on the weekends. Weekdays are easy going.

Ice Cream Bar – for the sweet tooth in you, this 50s spot has an amazing ice cream and soda menu.

Café Reverie – Great spot to enjoy some fresh salads at the hidden backyard patio.

InoVino – For breezy evenings with some wine and cheese

Pedrecito – New Mexican. I haven’t been here yet, but the always full tables seam to be promising.

BurgerMeister – Actually the cutest burger joint around. Go for a take-out and eat it at the park right next to it. Date night idea!

La Boulange de Cole – Still a good place to get some good food and coffee. cole-valley-8 cole-valley-17 cole-valley-15 SHOP

Say Cheese – This place is a local cheese supplier since 1927. Get some really good cheese and amazingly knowledgeable service.

Cole Hardware – I have spent so much time here while renovation our apartmnet. This is your hardware store from the past, before the big chain stores. Small aisles and super smart helpful stuff. They can tell you everything about home improvement.

Urban Mercantile – Everything for your home. Carefully curated home goods. It will make very hostess heart leap for joy!

Tantrum – If you have kids or you are looking for a gift for a little one, this is a paradise. Vintage games, hand made dolls, clothing, gifts… I bet you will also buy something for yourself.

Val de Cole – browse wines and spirits for you next wine party.

cole-valley-22 cole-valley-5 cole-valley-1 cole-valley-3 TO-DO

- Hike the Tank Hill and enjoy some beautiful views of the city.

- Surprise your darling or bestie with a date night at the Ice Cream Bar.

- Grab some sushi from Grandeho’s Kamekyo and make an spontaneous picnic at the small park.      cole-valley-19 cole-valley-18 cole-valley-7 cole-valley-16 cole-valley-11

cole-valley-12 cole-valley-13 **Explore more San Francisco neighborhoods.**

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CD-greek-jogurt-choco-granola-2 I love celebrating a slow breakfast, but sometimes it has to be quick. And sometimes it has to be sweet, too. This greek yogurt with chocolate granola and fresh raspberries is perfect if you are craving something sweet in the morning, but don’t want to be soften by Nutella on a slice of bread. Made in no time this easy breakfast will bring you well thru the lunch time. Let me know what are your quick and easy breakfast recipes. One can never have enough options.

*This recipe was first published on Clementine Daily. Check out Clementine Daily for a daily dose on food, living, entertaining, shopping, style and beauty. CD-greek-jogurt-choco-granola-4 CD-greek-jogurt-choco-granola-3 CD-greek-jogurt-choco-granola-7 CD-greek-jogurt-choco-granola-1

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