I know we here in California are pretty blessed with the weather all year around, but it’s spring and most parts of the world are staring to thaw and the sun also decided to appear more often. That means time to pretty up your balconies, gardens or roof decks. As I mentioned here, I’m already screening some plants for our roof deck, but there is more to come. Outdoor furniture, Webber grill, string lights…
It sounds like a big project, but you can keep it simple and inexpensive. You need just a few things to make your green spot ready for airy breakfast or romantico dinners. And keep in mind, paint is your friend, so everything that seams not so pretty, could shine in a new splendor with fresh paint.

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  • camille_iman
    April 24, 2013

    I love that collection from West Elm especially the pink plates! They are inexpensive too

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