My friend Jen Hewett is not only uber talented print and bag maker, she is also an incredibly funny woman who started an illustrated series called: ” These Incredibly Chic Women Are Tiered Of Your Shit.” That’s a statement. Jen manages to capture perfectly everyday situations women are confronted with. Whether it’s a stupid pick-up line or an annoying friend. One face and one statement penned by Jen are enough to see the whole person and situation behind the painting. I’m really into these series and hope Jen is going to make alive many more incredibly chic women. Go and visit Jen’s Tumblr for more and follow her on twitter and instagram for updates. And Jen, how about printing some of them on cards and bags? Would love to see this girls on streets of SF :) Gals, what do you think about the incredibly chic women?

{all paintings are by Jen Hewett}

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