It’s October and even if the weather here in San Francisco doesn’t really look like autumn, it’s time to start the cozy season of the year. As with every season there are tons of want-to-dos – filling out miles of lists. I love lists. They help you stay organized and what’s more important to me, writing something down helps me focus and commit on my tasks/goals, but I barely use paper and pen because my hand-writing is so bad that I would need a decoder to read it. Luckily, thanks to Wunderlist, I have miles and miles of digital to-do-lists – if you haven’t tried our Wunderlist yet, you should definitely do it; it looks good, it’s super easy to use, you can share your lists with others plus reminders and all that stuff, too. For me, the only challenge is to narrow down all these plans, wishes and to-dos so I don’t end up achieving nothing; that’s what happens to me every now and then when I squeeze to many tasks into one day/month/season. I have to learn not to overload my lists, because 15 to-do’s for a day can cause some slightly pressure. So for this month I picked only few things I really want to do; when I’m done and there is still some month left another want-to-do will move up. I should be able to check off all six want-to-dos, despite the fact that my in-laws will be here for another three weeks. Cheers! With that said I’m closing my laptop and going for a run (work out more). I would love to hear how do you manage your lists, do you have any tips for being more efficient? What do you use? And of course, what’s on your #octoberlist?

Happy weekend and relax! 

note: there are no autumn colors in San Francisco,  these pictures where the only ones with some orange.

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  • CaninesCouture
    October 4, 2013

    Sounds like a great list to me! I know I need to add “work out more” to my list. I currently go 3-4 times a week when really I should be going 5-6!

    Jules of Canines & Couture

  • Leslie @ Spotted SF
    October 7, 2013

    Let’s plan Ojai!!

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