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When I had my first stroll on the Divisadero between Haight and Fulton, one and a half years ago when we moved to Haight Ashbury, you could already tell that this street and the neighbourhood around it is in a fast moving changing process. And today you can see the change everyday. New hip restaurants and shops are popping up nearly every week and the street seams to have only one direction, becoming the new Valencia. Yet at the moment Divisadero has the right amount of fancy new spots and old-established businesses. Unique stores are next to smoke shops and trendy $$$ restaurants are next to $ fast food stops. I personally love the Divisadero. Especially on Sundays Divisadero would became a mini village. The farmers market with itss great selection on vendors attracts young and old, moms navigate the strollers with one hand while they sip on hot late from The Mill, couples and friends are waiting in the sun to get a brunch spot at the Nopa, which will probably take more than one hour, but the food is worth every minute and every penny. Others will already have their breakfast sandwich at Cafe Mojo while they are waiting for their bike to be tightened up and some gentlemen will enjoy a new hair cut and shaving at J.P. Kempt, the new barber on the block. People will pick up their freshly cleaned  clothes from Martini Cleaners and will go for groceries at the Bi-Rite Market. This is your typical Sunday on the Divisadero. And if you want to have some peace or a walk after the opulent brunch Alamo Square is only 1-3 blocks away. So if you haven’t discovered this cool street yet, it’s time. Read on for my favorites where to eat, shop and stop.

Nopa – one of San Francisco’s best restaurants for brunch and dinner and the business that initiated he whole change on Divisadero. Be prepared to wait or reserve a table in advance.

Little Chihuahua – good mexican food with reasonable prices. My tip: Grab something to go and enjoy a sunset dinner at the Alamo Square, it’s less than 5 minutes away.

Ragazza – your spot on Divisadero for really good pizza, they call it pie. Whether pizza or pie I love the one with Brussels Sprouts with caramelized onions, thyme and mozzarella.

Herbivore – everything your vegan heart is craving for.  Non vegans you should give it a try too, they have some really good food.

The Mill – this coffee shop became an institution over night. Four Barrel Coffee and in-house made bread and almond butter are served daily. Their toasts are a must-try.

La Urbana – new kid on the block with new mexican cuisine.

Cafe Mojo – have your bike repaired and enjoy your coffee outside on the parklet.

Bar Crudo – Oyster and sea food haven. I’m in love with their sea food chowder. If you can make it they have happy hour from 5pm to 6.30pm.

Rare Device  – this was my first stop on Divisadero and one of my first interviews I have done for Fluxi On Tour. From pretty stationery to home goods, Giselle, the owner, curates everything herself and makes Rare Device so unique. Follow them on facebook and twitter for news and updates.

Magpie & Rye – this store carries well selected, unique items by North American makers. If yo are looking for some special gifts this is your place.

Cookin’ – this is THE store for all your vintage kitchen needs. It’s jam-packed with all kind of kitchen utensils, mostly from the mid century. Caution, you might spent hours in this store.

The Other Shop – Great selection on vintage and antique pieces from other centuries.

The Perish Trust –  If you love Kinfolk magazine you will love The Perish Trust. Their collection is a great  mix of old stuff found on flea markets and new unique pieces crafted by young artists. Also they are having Oakland’s Umami Mart as a pop up store through Dec 24th.

Bi-Rite Market and it’s ice cream are probably nation-wide known. Grab a scoop and go watch the SF skyline at the Alamo Square park, just one block away.

Get a new hair cut at Population. This south-western inspired hair salon has super hair dresser and totally reasonable prices.

Sunday’s farmers market. To be honest, I went for the first time to the Divisadero farmers market last week and was positively surprised how good this market was. It wasn’t too small, it has everything you need and a little bit more. It’s my new favorite farmers market.

For all gentlemen, if you are looking to spent some quality time and relax for a bit, J.P. Kempt is your place to go. This new barber spot is opened by Shorty Maniace, who is named “one of the best barbers in the country”.

You can even stay overnight at the Divisadero at The Metro Hotel for a pretty affordable price compared to the rest of SF. Here are some yelp voices.

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  • Anonymous
    November 19, 2013

    Thank you for the great tips. It sounds all great and we will definitely do a whole Divisadero sunday!XO Olivia

    • Ana Kamin
      November 20, 2013

      If you are looking for some really good german-style bread, The Mill is your place to do. :)

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