hot-milk-with-honey-cinnamon I know, I know, we all have probably started with some kind of cleanse and that’s good, but we shouldn’t forget that is still winter and our bodies and souls still need something which is not made of kale.  Just yesterday I walked from the Mission to our place – which is like 1h walk – and when I came home I felt I need something warm and cozy. As tea was my drink of (no) choice the past days and I’m out of cacao powder, I made a big mug of hot milk with honey and cinnamon. This years old comfort drink is so soothing and relaxing. Give it a try when your feet are cold next time. I would love to know what is your winter warm up drink?

hot-milk-with-honey-cinnamon / fluxi on tour What you need:

– enough milk for your favorite mug– 2 – 3 tsp honey
– cinnamon to taste

What do to:

– heat the milk over medium heat, bring to shimmer, pour into the mug, add honey and cinnamon and stir well.


hot-milk-with-honey-cinnamon / fluxi on tour hot-milk-with-honey-cinnamon / fluxi on tour hot-milk-with-honey-cinnamon / fluxi on tour

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2 Responses
  • Jess
    August 29, 2014

    Just curious … Do you use cinnamon powder or cinnamon stick in the milk? I’m guessing the powder won’t dissolve?

    • Ana Kamin
      August 29, 2014

      I used powder and it actually dissolved. :)

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