You probably all have discovered Kaufmann Mercantile one way or another and if not, it’s  time to check out this amazing shop for unique, high-quality and great design goods for your home and you. Based in Brooklyn, New York Kaufmann Mercantile aims to connect customer with the product by telling stories about its making, the artist or designer behind it.  You will also find an amazing library on how-tos, diys, materials and much more interesting stuff. Kaufmann Mercantile is definitely more than an online store. I could buy half of the shop, but I managed to narrow down to 8 favorites. How about you? Have you already heard or shopped Kaufmann Mercantile?

kaufmann-mercantile // fluxiontour 1. apron 2. storage boxes 3. wood cake stand 4. kitchen towel
5. candle 6. swing 7. seeds 8. bike basket


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  • Nnenna
    January 15, 2014

    I hadn’t heard of this store before but I’m loving what I see above. Thank you for introducing it to me!

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