lands-end-hike-top Hello folks! I hope you enjoyed some sun on the weekend where ever you are living. It’s seam spring is on it’s way with out delay.  We had awesome weather on the weekend and we enjoyed it outdoors – with a spontaneous hike. Yep, we are total hike addicts since our last big hiking tour at Mount Tamalpais. We see a small hill and we are like – “oh let’s hike up there!”. Joke aside,  Saturday’s hike was one of the longer ones you can do directly in the city and that’s one of the many reasons this city by the bay is so amazing – you can spend hours walking the parks, the beach, the trails and just soaking in beautiful scenery. We hit the road to Ocean Beach, walked the Land’s End following the trail all the way to Presidio. It’s about 3 hours hike if you are walking without stopping and taking pictures, which we did a lot. Practice makes perfect. And as you would probably do the same, count something between 4-5 hours.

lands-end-hike-5 I can only recommend to make this hike, no matter if local or visitor. It’s just beautiful and relaxing. It gets also steep at some points, but you don’t really need real hiker shoes, a good sneakers are just fine. What you need is water, sunscreen and any kind of camera.
We started at the Cole Valley taking the N to Ocean Beach. I think it’s the easiest ways to get there. We jumped off at Ocean Beach Station and took a quick stroll trough the Ounter Sunset neighborhood, which harbors some of great food and shopping spots like Outerlands & General Store. More about this upcoming neighborhood soon. lands-end-hike-11 lands-end-hike-7 The beach is only 3 block away. Cross the Great Highway and you are in the dunes. The dunes are full of people reading, relaxing, talking, having a picnic or just stopping for a second to enjoy the moment. lands-end-hike-34

lands-end-hike-32 Walk the street up to the Cliff House, make a pit stop at the Land’s End Visitor Center to learn  about the history of Sutro Baths and then hit the coastal trail to Presidio. lands-end-hike-14 Walk, take pictures and soak in the nature. The trail leads you on the cliffs with many viewing points, places where you can have a picnic or just rest for a second.

lands-end-hike-18 lands-end-hike-17 The trail is interrupted by Sea Cliff – a neighborhood with some beautiful and big homes and some famous residents.

lands-end-hike-16 A quick wriggle through the streets will get you to Baker Beach. Soft sand beach with epic Golden Gate Bridge views.

lands-end-hike-26 After a short walk on the street you will enter the trail to Presidio. This is my favorite part of the hike. There are small stairs running up and down – always with a view of the ocean and the Golden Gate Bridge.

lands-end-hike-21 lands-end-hike-24 lands-end-hike-22 lands-end-hike-20 At some point you will get out of the wildness and step on the a big parking lot, but again amazing view of the Bridge.

lands-end-hike-2 lands-end-hike-3 We went the direction of Presidio to catch a bus back home,  but you can also take the trail to
Crissy Fields. If you feel like you have some energy left. For us it was enough. We got super hungry. That always means we are looking for the shortest way to get some food.From Spring thru fall there is the Off the Grid Picnic at the Presidio Lawn, which means great food and great drinks as a reward after the long walk.
So guys, mark this hike and do it on a Sunday when you don’t have any big plans, when you just want to go outside, spend some time in the nature, do something good for your mind & body and get refueled  for the week.

– check out the map
– don’t forget sunscreen, water & camera. And oh, don’t forget to charge your smart phone and camera batteries.
– take a light jacket with you, it can get windy.

Have a great week! – xo, Ana

{ all pictures taken by my darling husband, who’s practicing like a hell. }

2 Responses
  • Maya
    March 17, 2014

    I am OBSESSED with your gorgeous pictures! Seriously, transport me there right now!

    • Ana Kamin
      March 17, 2014

      Thanks Maya! :) I’m glad you like them. And if you ever visit SF I will show you the city and this place. :)