indian-springs-top Relaxing, napping and floating with some massage on top is what you will be doing at Indian Springs in Calistoga – all day long. One visit here last Sunday and this place became my favorite refueling spot in Napa. It totally delivered what my friend Einat, yelp and instagram promised. This oldest operating ( since 1861!) spa in California is full of charm and invites you with an olympic-sized mineral pool, mud baths, spa services and loungers to indulge yourself as you like. It’s a perfect one day getaway. indian-springs-16 indian-springs-15 The Indian Springs works like this: You have to book a spa service or to be  a guest of the lodge in order to use the pool. Which is completely fine, because this way they can assure that the pool is not too crowded. If you are going on a weekday one person can get a spa service and the second can enter the pool as a guest for only $20, but hey, you are here to treat yourself, so you don’t want to miss a  nice massage or rejuvenating mud bath. The prices are totally fine for what you get. And you will get a lot. After your spa service you can have a nap at the Buddha Pond – a pond surrounded by a lush green lawn, palm trees and filled with loungers for napping and relaxing. There is always a station with cucumber or lemon water, ice tea and almonds to nibble on to keep up your energy. indian-springs-14   indian-springs-3 indian-springs-13 The mineral pool is perfect for a little bit easy going recreation. Grab one of the many floaties and just drift away under the California sky while minerals soften your skin. Read a book in the shade or soak in some sun. Most of the time I was floating or just lying around and taking a break from everyday life. Oh, can I please go back just right know! indian-springs-1 indian-springs-4 indian-springs-2 If you body cannot handle so much relaxation and rest you can also play some bocce ball, checkers, croquet or swing in the hammocks. You see, what ever you do at Indian Springs you will end up relaxing. indian-springs-5 indian-springs-11 So much relaxation can also make you hungry. They have some sandwiches and snacks at the pool bar to buy, but they also don’t have any problems if you bring your own food with you or even go out to get something from the nearby grocery store.

And by end of the day, if you feel like you had a great day and you feel grateful, you can note this on a tag they provide at the reception, write your gratitude down and hang it on the gratitude tree just in front of the lobby. indian-springs-7 indian-springs-9 The pools closes at 7pm, so it’s the right for some dinner. Calistoga has some great food spots, but we weren’t so hungry so we started our way back home and stopped at Yountville for dinner. We diced to try out Thomas Keller’s Bouchon and it was really great. I had some mussels in mustard-safron stock and Patrick one of the most amazing steaks I have ever had a bite of. indian-springs-10

So check you calender right now and see when if the next possible date you can make it to this relaxation oasis. You will love it. indian-springs-6

Indian Springs
1712 Lincoln Ave . Calistoga, CA 94515

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  • kleine Schwester
    April 29, 2014

    Wow wow wow… was für eine tolle location. Die gestreiften Vorhänge haben es mir angetan… und der gratitude tree… was für eine coole Idee. Mensch, hätte ich deinen Blog doch schon vor 4 Jahren gelesen… ich hätte unsere komplette CA-Route umdisponieren müssen ;-)
    Liebste Grüße

    • Ana Kamin
      April 29, 2014

      Haha! DAnn alles schön notireren, kann ja sein, dass du mal wieder hierher kommst. :)