CD-Toast-6 Despite all new, fancy breakfast and diet trends and all culinary influences that come and go, one morning meal will always be en vogue. Right, I’m talking about the toast. Toast will be always in fashion. There are countless ways how you can top a slice of bread. My favorite is just with some goat cheese and honey. It’s a standard for me. And even if traditional ham&cheese will always be in our hearts, from time to time adding some change to your toast brings some fresh air on your plate. See on Clementine Daily how I jazz up my toast and find some inspiration for your next spread. CD-Toast-5 CD-Toast-2 CD-Toast-1 *This post first appeared on Clementine Daily. 

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  • maya
    June 12, 2014

    Oh my! These recipes look delis – and I’m always looking for ways to jazz up an old fave :) xx

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