For most of us, vacation means good food, relaxing, exploring and escaping the everyday life. Feet up and leave all cares behind, that’s what’s vacation for. But vacation can also be healthy exercise routine great enemy. The hard-earned routine can be swamped away in no time and after two weeks of lounging you forget where your sneakers are. When going on vacation for more than a week I always try to incorporate some easy workout. I’m not stressing out if I don’t do anything, but running and some sit-ups seam to be always a good idea to keep your metabolism going on. Since I learned the word fitness, which was in my teens, I have been working out on a regularly base, means 5 times a week, but back in May 2011 a nasty sickness tied me for 8 days to a hospital bed and messed up my workout routine totally. I was happy to be out of the hospital just right on time for our big California trip so I took it easy with jumping jacks. And 3 weeks of road tipping and way too many burgers wiped out the rest of my workout discipline. After that I got lazy. We moved to SF and I actually had all the time in the world to do all kind of sports and workouts, but I really got just lazy – and the food tasted so good. And yep, I gained some weight. Funny thing, everyone that I know who comes to the US gains some pounds. It has to be the cupcakes. Even if I don’t weight myself, I couldn’t resist my friend’s fancy body scale to see what that meant in numbers. It meant about 10lb ( ca. 5 kg) . The numbers are not so important to me, it’s important how I feel and I didn’t feel good. Since few months I have overcome my inner couch potato and started exercising  again on a regular base. Running and the gym are my go-to workouts and from time to time I would go to to a barr class. And I can tell you guys, it feels so good to workout again and to gain back all the strength and energy. Knowing that I’m doing something for my health and challenging my body is a great feeling. To keep up this attitude I started sweating while on vacation, too. I know, it’s not always possible especially when your are on a road trip, but a plank for only 2 x 60 seconds can already help keep you in shape. Beyond the plank here are my 5 go-to vacation workout ideas to help enjoy that extra cupcake even more.

vacation-workout-2 1. Running
My running shoes are always in my bag. It’s the most efficiant way to keep up the healthy habits. It might requires some overcoming, but once I’m running I feel great. There are no goals to hit, it’s just running for the sake of moving.

2. 7 Minutes Workouts
Usually when we are on vacation the area where we are staying is pretty, right? But sometimes Motel 6 & Co. don’t really have the ocean sidewalk behind the parking lot. That’s where the 7 minutes workouts come in pretty handy.  Scientists have proved the efficiency of 7 minutes workouts, all you need is a wall and a chair, which is sometimes optional. 7 minutes workouts are intense, but hey it’s only 7 minutes. We can do that! And luckily there are few apps out there so you know what to do.
I’m using 7 and  Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout. But there are many more in the app stores. Our you can memorize this New York Times 7 minutes workout.

3. The Plank
If there is no time, no pretty running area, but I feel the urge to do something I will do the plank for 2 x 60 seconds. It strengthens the core, the back, the shoulder. It seams to be the “perfect” exercise.

4. Walk Workout
Everyone knows the best way to discover a new location is to walk around. Sure, you cannot walk that much if you are road tripping, but if you are staying in a place for few days, try to discover the place by walking more than using the car. You will see more and you will be happily exhausted by end of the day. Shopping in the downtown counts, too.

5. Take what’s your vacation offering.
No matter where you are spending your vacation, there are probably tons of activity you can do. Hiking, swimming, bike riding, kayaking, tennis, golf, beach volleyball, frisbee. It all counts and it’s also fun to do.

This is how I try to maintain my fitness while traveling and enjoying my vacation. And being back home I don’t have to conquer my weaker self again.
I would love to hear what you guys think and what are your tips for staying healthy while on vacation?

4 Responses
  • Alanna
    July 9, 2014

    You are so impressive and adorable!! <3 I really like checking out new-to-me yoga studios when I'm traveling, or going for a hike or a walk.

  • Diana
    July 12, 2014

    Ok, these are great ideas! I tend to get on an eating-every-hour schedule as soon as I get on vacation, so this is the perfect counter balance. So nice getting to meet you last night — excited to follow along with your blog! :)

  • Simone Anne
    July 17, 2014

    Taking active vacations is the best! Plus you’re not exhausted from regular work and life, so you have more time to play outside! :)

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