Just last week ago I had the pleasure to meet the lovely Ricarda and her sweet family here in San Francisco. Ricarda, a German blogger behind 23qm Stil blog, traveled the California coast for three weeks, but had enough time to meet up with me. We went for a brunch at Zazie and climbed up the stairs to Grand View Park, even if the view wasn’t there at all. Welcome to Fogust.


Being always on a hunt for local tips myself when visiting a new place, I was happy to see that Ricarda and her family really enjoyed our small tour of Inner Sunset, which is definitely not a touristy place, yet still full of local charm and great things to do, see and eat. Sure, we all need to see the Golden Gate Bridge or the Eiffel Tower, but sometimes the guides are full of real tourist traps that consume so much of our precious vacation time. That’s why I love to show you here on Fluxi On Tour some other places in San Francisco and to inspire you to go off the touristy paths. But if you need to bring your mum a t-shirt with the city name on it, I won’t be offended if you make a short stop at Fisherman’s Wharf.


For today, we are going to have a walk around the Outer Sunset. This neighborhood is far out at the Ocean Beach where fog can be a regular guest even on a sunny days, but that’s nothing that should keep you away from exploring this piece of San Francisco. It’s the home to some amazing food spots, art studios, shops, surf workshops and a huge surf culture. I usually go to Outer Sunset on Sundays to get some breakfast, browse the shops and make my way to Ocean Beach for a really long walk.

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There are several places where you can start your day. The most popular, but with unfortunately crazy waiting lines is Outerlands. Newly renovated to fit more people, Outerlands is a must-holding out place to have your breakfast at some point. This point might be this upcoming weekend for us. If you are more of a pastry and coffee person on the go , than you should kick-off your Outer Sunset adventure at Trouble Coffee. Made to fit only two people inside this hole in the wall coffee shop has a loyal following who don’t mind the chilly temperatures sitting in the parklett. I’m some of them. Recently I also discovered a really nice place called Beachside Cafe, I’m not sure if it’s new or if it’s been there for awhile, but It’s definitely cute and worth checking out.

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We will give the sun a few more minutes to burn the fog, before we go to the beach,  while we visit some shops. General Store is kind of city treasure for San Francisco folks interested in locally made goods. Shelves and walls full of beautifully curated fashion, home & beauty pieces.  I also like to stop at 3 Fish Studios, for some art and the Mollusk Surf Shop for all your beach girl needs. I really wish I knew how to surf. And for a fun mix of vintage, new and local make a stop at Establish.

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Now let’s walk over to the Ocean Beach. No matter what the weather is alike, Ocean Beach has it’s magic whether it’s cloudy or sunny. Sand for miles and dunes to hide and read a book or just watch the clouds changing shapes. If you feel like you need a little bit more exercise, you will love this Ocean Beach to Presidio hike. Today we will concentrate on the Ocean Beach and go back to Outer Sunset for some lunch.  Ocean Beach is perfect for walks, bike rides and cozy bonfires on a chilly San Francisco evenings. In the summer ( June – August ) Outer Sunset is home to the Stern Grove Festival – hello picnics & music! And the San Francisco Zoo just down the Great Highway invites you for some animal adventures.

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After extensive walk on the beach or extensive lounging in the dunes, return to the neighbourhood and get some lunch at Judahlicious, Devil’s Teeth – they have some amazing pastries too – or Java Beach Cafe.

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I think even if you might not come often to this neighborhood you will be happy to have discovered the place that Karl, the fog calls home.


– always take at least a light jacked or scarf with you. 
– don’t forget the sunscreen, the sun is there and burns down even if you don’t see it. 
– the muni line N will take you from downtown all the way to the Ocean Beach and all the way from Downtown means about 35 minutes. 
– for your orientation check out google maps for Outer Sunset Neighborhood guide outer-sunset-guide-san-francisco-72 outer-sunset-guide-san-francisco-74 outer-sunset-guide-san-francisco-79

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  • Igor
    August 6, 2014

    This makes me miss San Francisco so much! And our mutual little coffee break somewhere around town!!

  • Tiffany
    August 6, 2014

    Love all the places you mentioned! I think we have a few of the same shots photography wise, so fun! I love the outer sunset, kind of like a secret gem of SF :)

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