When you combine carefully curated local goods, lots of plants, beautiful shelving, light filled space and extra large round mirror you get one of the most amazing shops ever. General Store Venice in LA is one-of-a-kind store. Founded in 2011 in San Francisco by Serena Mitnik-Miller and Mason St. Peter, General Store expanded to Venice LA in 2012 and is run by Hannah Henderson and John Moore. Featuring new local artists and well sourced vintage pieces General Store offers something for everyone. One can never get tired of looking at all the  home goods, beauty products, clothes, books & magazines, gifts, arts & jewelery – which all seam to be in perfect balance. I personally love General Store for their indigo-dye obsession – which I share – and all the beautiful home goods. 

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General Store is not only a shop that sells pretty stuff, the owners care about the community that they are building around their products. Good work, quality and connection to an item is important when it comes comes to filling the shelves of General Store. On our trip to Venice we even had the pleasure to meet Hanna, who is one of the most effortless beautiful people I have ever seen in person. Her modern bohemian laid-back style is really contagious. You can check out some interview with her here & here and see her charming home here general-store-venice-12 general-store-venice-10 general-store-venice-31 general-store-venice-21

general-store-venice-pair-1 general-store-venice-38 general-store-venice-30 general-store-venice-pair-6 general-store-venice-37 general-store-venice-43 I cannot wait to share also the San Francisco location soon with you. They even have the most perfect backyard ever!

General Store 
1801 Lincoln Blvd, Venice – Los Angeles


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  • kleine Schwester
    September 7, 2014

    Ich flipp aus, diese Batiktücher… Die Kleiderstange mit “Inhalt” darf bitte so in meine Schlafzimmer wandern …….