There is some controversy going on about the new given name to the neighbrohood between Potrero Hill and Mission by The New York Times , but when a micro hood starts to appear on the radar it’s obvious that someone will come up with a name. For now, let’s call it “Mission Creek”, sounds easier to me than the neighborhood between Potrero Hill and Mission, ok? Let’s have a look around…

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This industrial-feel neighborhood is sprinkled with colorful Victorian homes, unique shops, artistry studios, wood workshops and local restaurants. A mix of old-established residents and young professionals are strolling the streets of Mission Creek on their way to grab a lunch at good old Atlas restaurant or enjoy a well-deserved break with a cup of joy at the newly opened hip Sightglass Coffee.

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Big factories from the past times now host offices for start up companies and ateliers for makers alike. The streets, even less populated, have this vibe that something is always going on, but way slower then in the other parts of San Francisco. While the city needs few more minutes to wake up from her foggy beauty sleep, yet you feel the need for sun, this is the neighborhood where you will find it first.

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My perfect stroll through Mission Creek kicks off at the sweetest hole in the wall place SF has to offer – the Marla Bakery. At 8am you can smell the scent of fresh baked goods blocks away.
I wish every neighborhood would have Marla’s. Fuelled up with pastries and a coffee, preferably from Sightglass Coffee, you can stroll the streets for a while and soak in the old architecture. If you find yourself there on a weekday, make sure to stop by at Charles Chocolates Factory  for some chocolate tasting plus tour and see how our all time favorite guilty pleasure is made. 

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And if your heart beats for art, the Art Explosion Studios at 2425 17th St , is open to public by asking nicely and staying quite while enjoying pieces from some amazing San Francisco artists. I’m always amazed by how a nice “hello, how are you doing” opens doors.

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The doors at the Heath Ceramics are huge and always wide open to everyone. This ceramics manufacturer, based in Sausalito and San Francisco , is definitely a must-stop. The light-filled space treasures some beautifully made housewares, textiles & books. Browse the shelves while watching the tiles being made behind big glass windows.

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Just next to the Heath Ceramics is a Blue Bottle, a San Francisco coffee institution. Do your tiered feet need a break? Grab a coffee, obviously served in Heath Ceramics mugs, and make yourself comfortable in the stylish leather chairs.

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Around the corner, you don’t want to miss The Aesthetic Union shop & studio , run by Risa and James, who work with old letterpress machines to craft some great stationery and business cards. Both are super sweet and always good for a chat. There are some fun art shows and events coming up at their studio, so keep them in mind.

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When it’s time for lunch or dinner Mission Creek isn’t short on amazingly delicious spots.
You name it, the neighborhood has it. For fancy lunch creations and delicacies to-go I would choose Salumeria, the little sister next to Central Kitchen. Being one of most lauded San Francisco restaurants Central Kitchen  is the place where you would bring out of town guests for a unique dinner or brunch experience – in terms of taste and appearance. But if you are on a lookout for some more laid-back atmosphere, Atlas Restaurant is your place to go.

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Good thing, what ever you choose, you probably won’t get wrong.
Other food spots worth checking out are:

American Grilled Cheese Kitchen – who doesn’t love some grilled cheese and this guys are great at it.

Rhea’s Cafe – sit down and enjoy some juicy sandwiches or crisp fried chicken.

Universal Café – one of my favorite places for brunch.


And if you feel like having a digestif after your lunch, sipping on a cocktail on the weekend with your friends or washing down the email flood after work with a drink, than you should make a visit to award-winning Trick Dog .
With changing cocktails every six months and menus so pretty designed, that they get swiped by customers on a regular base, Trick Dog is one of the best bars we have here in San Francisco. 

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You see, no matter what name people will agree on and be happy with, this is a fun neighborhood to visit and it won’t be stopped from developing and becoming a great place to hang out.



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