I’m not sure why it took me so long to get to Saint Frank Coffee . I knew about its opening even before it was open, as a friend’s boyfriend works there, but somehow I never made it until last week. I think I was always intimidated by google’s suggestion how to get there, it took like a day’s journey form Haight Ashbury to Russian Hill. But last time I figured out a new route, which seams to be faster, at least for me. I have to walk few blocks more, but I don’t mind as it goes through really nice neighborhood of Pacific Heights.

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On the corner of Union & Polk Saint Frank Coffee is a new gathering spot in Russian Hill. Its bright, white and woody with light filled space is inviting for coffee klatch or business meeting.

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The coffee at Saint Frank is exclusively roasted by fine folks at Rituals Coffee. The owner of Saint Frank, Kevin Bohlin, is a former Rituals barista, who aims to bring the origins of the coffee to its consumers by sourcing the coffee farmers and visiting the farms himself. Creating a community around the different aroma and flavors is more than just selling coffee, it’s a mindset that Saint Frank pours into every cup.

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2340 Polk Street
San Francisco, CA 94109