Oh it’s the time of the year when we are eating a bit more sweets than we should, but we don’t care, right? It’s feels so comfy and satisfying to bite into something buttery, crispy, soft and good smelling. For my third feature for Rue Daily I shared my all time easiest go-to recipe I would whip up when I don’t have so much time or when my pantry doesn’t give more than sugar, flour and butter. And basically that’s almost all you need for this delicious Apple-Cranberry Crumble. And some fruits and in less than 30 minutes you will have a great dessert you can eat all by yourself or share it with friends, if you like. So hop over to Rue Daily and get the recipe! Happy Monday, friends!

apple-crumble-jars-11 apple-crumble-jars-12 apple-crumble-jars-blog-1 apple-crumble-jars-blog-5

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