Today I would like to introduce you to my lovely friend and amazing illustrator, Kate Wong.
Kate is an aspiring painter with passion for water colors, cats and all things pretty and painted. We met few times and worked on some fun projects, but our last one, is the closest to my heart. Remember my post about old school restaurant few weeks back I wrote for 7×7?
That one got some great exposure and we decided to bring it to life on a map. Who doesn’t love to dine in a restaurant that dates to the beginnings of San Francisco. I certainly  do and I like it even more when  presented on beautifully illustrated map.  Kate has this talented to make things looks soft and dreamy, creating eye catching color palettes and airy atmosphere in her pictures.

I send over my images to Kate and she came up with all this super cute and accurate details, that make me wanna jump into the picture and stroll the streets. I think this map would make a great postcard, date invitation or a print for all you San Francisco fans. What do you think? What would you do with this map?

Thank you Kate so much for making my round up on old school restaurants look sooooooo good!

I really hope you like it and make sure to check out Kate’s portfolio, follow her on Instagram and of course cross off at least three restaurants from this map. Also folks, make sure to check out her iPhone case collection for Casetify! My absolute favorite is the Cactii Garden.  Which one is yours? Now enjoy some more of her amazing work.

palm springs kate

kate sofa

summerlist kate instagram kate cakes kate dresses kate




4 Responses
  • Tiffany | Sunshine Daydream
    February 10, 2015

    This is such a unique collaboration, Kate’s artistic skills are seriously stunning. I’d love to frame her work and add it to my gallery wall that’s about to be created in my home. Watercolor has always been my favorite medium of painting and it’s so fun to see her San Francisco related illustrations. Thanks for the great introduction of her work!

    Xx, Tiffany | http://www.sunshinedaydreamphotography.com

    P.s. My post on the soirée is now up on my blog!

    • Ana Kamin
      February 12, 2015

      Yeah she is amazing! Heading over to see it!

  • Melinda DiOrio
    February 12, 2015

    I love those maps, and her illustration skills are wonderful! Thanks for sharing, I will definitely check her out.

    • Ana Kamin
      February 12, 2015

      Me too! I get lost on Pinterest sometimes with all the illustrated maps!

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