Have you heard about Spot, yet? Get ready for an amazing app coming your way soon, which will feature “the best places in the world according to experts and friends”. Traveling and finding all the cool spots, will be so much easier with Spot. While local experts will feed the app with recommendations, your activity and interest through the app will later provide you with spot-on tips for your next travel. I desperately need an app that will allow me to make a list for different cities, so I remember to visit THAT coffee shop. Now my bookmarks are all over the web, iPhone and some are even on paper! At the moment, you can sign up for their beta testing here if you want to be one of the first to use it, the public release is planned for later this year. Buuut in the meantime I highly recommend you follow Spot on Instagram and swoon over all the dream pictures curated by Kelly Lack, who has more than one eye for all things travel, food and design. I have been following Kelly’s Instagram for awhile now and imagine my excitement when she asked me to contribute a story for their blog, NearĀ & Far. Yes! Yes! As I always feel that the grass is pretty green ( despite the drought) here in California, I wanted to share a small town close by, but far enough to let you forget the bustle of the city and get a mix of all things the Wine Country has to offer. Fun, food, wine, action, you name it and Guernerville has it. I have been there several times and can only say: GO! So hop over to Near & Far for my Guerneville Guide and a small Q&A about my travel routines. And as you are already there, don’t forget to do some virtual traveling, browse other amazing places and get inspiration for your next trip!

Thank you, Kelly, so much for having me share my adventures on Near & Far!

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