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When it comes to decoration your apartment, pretty, but mostly expensive designer pieces can break the bank. The more affordable alternative is getting creative yourself. I was looking for some entry runners, but couldn’t find anything really convincing, until I stumbled upon Paperfashion, a blog penned and drawn by the super talented Katie Rodgers. She is an amazing artist who illustrates fashion for all major brands and magazines. It seamed Katie had a similar problem of finding a nice, affordable runner. She took this beautiful $ 300 Kira Cph piece as inspiration and created a similar version with a budget-friendly Crate&Barrel runner and some colors. Which also became my dream rummer. Thank you Katie so much for being so creative! And because it was so easy I painter three runners with different colors to cover the whole entry and couldn’t be more happy.

You will need:
– black & white striped runner from Crate & Barrel
– acryl colors, mine where from Martha Stewart
– small bowl
– paint brush

What to do:
Simply paint the white stripes on the ends with your favorite color. Let the paint dry for 24 hours. Washing in the machine isn’t recommended anyhow, so your color won’t be washed off.

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