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To be honest, for me in the past years a bookshelf had only one function – to storage things. Without any sense of esthetic. Maybe because I lived in a one bed room apartment and hadn’t that much space for all the books and binders. Ok, ok I know this is a poor excuse for a messy bookshelf. A well styled bookshelf can add so much personality to a space and it is important as art on your walls. But as with the art, it takes time to create a composition with personal touch. The bookshelf doesn’t has to be perfect over night, but have a plan how the finished project will look like and be patient when collecting items. In fact, there are only three steps to follow when creating a bookshelf of your dreams.

1. Always start with the books. I love color themed books, but this could be a challenge if the books you want to read mostly have all kind of color and you have to wait years to collect pink or green books. If you don’t want to wait that long, Etsy and Books By The Foot are your friends. On Etsy you can buy color themed book sets of 2-10 books and Books By The Foot offers books per feet, you can choose the color as well as the theme of the books. Prices start at $19 per feet for about 12 books.

2. Add some accessories like pictures, bookends, bowls, vases, small plants, boxes, candles. What ever you like, there are no limits.

3. Get structure. Books don’t have to be placed vertical nor does each item have to touch the bookshelf. Play around with the compilation of books and accessories. Staple the books horizontal, put a bowl on the top or add a picture behind the books. The best thing about the bookshelves, you can arrange the content as often as you like.

Let the pictures inspire you and if you have a well styled bookshelf, I would love to see it. Just share you the picture on instagram with #bookshelflove and mention me (@fluxi) so I can find it. What are your tips for decorating bookshelves?


1. Styling Anne Sage for Layla Grayce, Photo: Colin Price 2. Frau P on, Photo: Tom Kirkpatrick 3. Glitter Guide, Photo: Jessie Webster 4. Justina Blakeney for Cottages & Bungalows Magazine; Photo: Bret Gum, Styling: Jickie Torres 5. Emily Henderson, Photo: Kimberly Genevieve
6. Photo: Terry Lyn Fischer

7. Design Sponge 8. One Kings Lane ( page don’t exist anymore) 9. Rue Magazin, Design and Styling: Kelley Moore, Photo: Michelle Drewes 10. Wood Bird Design via Etsy 11. Glitter Guide, Photo: Sarah Yates 12. Elle Interior SE

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