by Carolyn
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I should have known it better. Spending a whole day at 6500 ft and skiing in the sun without using sun blocker will have consequences. Pretty damaged lips. They were so dry and rough, I could barely laugh. And if you cannot find your lip balm at 11pm, there is a quick and simple remedy straight out from your kitchen. Honey + Olive Oil + Sugar . Just mix this three together, rub gently your lips with the mixture and leave it for 5 min. Swipe away the balm, but don’t rinse it. Let the honey & olive oil act on the lips overnight. If you don’t want the peeling effect, just mix honey+olive oil together, without sugar. This will give you softly lips in the morning. My lips really feel better after just one night. But nevertheless, don’t forget to use sun blocker when charging the piste.
What is your first aid rescue for not so soft lips?

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