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It was a real challenge to find the right dresser for our bed room.
We have plenty storage space which is super rare here in SF and I’m so thankful for that. You see, I’m able to fell in love with things, buy them and to store them goodbye forever! No, just kidding, I’m not that lavish. Maybe… sometimes.
But back to the dresser, I wanted one to fill the space between the room’s door and the closet’s door. After a long, fruitless search we jazzed up this IKEA TARVA dresser. And I’m so happy with it. But as everything else a dresser also needs a little bit accessories love. Let’s see what we could use for a nice dressed dresser.

1. Pictures :: Use 1-3 framed pictures to add personality. It can be your personal photos or nice prints. Everything works.

2. Trays, bowls or plates :: They collect small things, like jewlery, parfume bottles and give them a shaped space without looking scattered.

3. Plants :: Personally I prefer to have a smaller green plants than cut flowers on a dresser. It’s easier to handle them and you don’t have to change them often. If you are health-concious you can also add some air purifying plants like snake plant or bamboo palm.

4. Art and mirrow :: Hanging some art or/and mirrow above the dresses fills up the plain wall and composes a balance.

As usual, don’t forget the decorative accents it can be everything you like. What do you keep on your bedroom dresser?

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