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by Carolyn
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I have to admit in our living room lives the IKEA (BIRCH) LACK coffee table and I cannot see it anymore but I also cannot find a new one as I’m so picky and undecided. Probably you have experienced this problem, too. Terrible. I hope to make the decision by, let say, and of April. Until then I have jazzed up our coffee table with books, trays, flowers and small details, so now even the LACK in birch doesn’t look that bad. Coffee tables serve in most homes only as a place to put your feet on while watching TV and to storage some years old magazines and the remote control. That’s fine but you should make more of your coffee table. Personalize it and let it make your living room more you. As usual just follow few simple steps and you will see what big impact a well styled coffee table has.
I would love to see your coffee tables to get some more inspiration. Share it with me via Instagram by hashtaging it with #fluxicoffeetable and mention @fluxi so I can see it.

1. The tray :: They are functional and pretty at the same time. Including a tray in your coffee table set up gives small accessories a space to arrange them in a way they work best together.

2. The books :: It’s not for nothing that some books are called coffee table books. So you definitely should display couple of them on your table. But of course no novels. Make a selection of 3-5 books, if you have a big table you can even go with more. Choose books that will be appealing for your male and female guests. I prefer to have something with about fashion, design and travel.

3. The flowers :: They are inevitable. You can go with cut flowers, green plants, blossom branches or small succulents. Play with your flowers, try every time something new until you find your favorites which work best on your table.

4. The candles :: For the cozy feeling and for the nice smell of the living room.

5. The accessories :: This is the part where you add the icing on the cake. This pieces should caught the eye of your guests. It can be everything, a candy dish, your favorite bowl, play cards, framed pictures, sculptures, vintage clocks, there are no rules, except it’s to big for your table.

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