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Not the bed, the nightstand is the actual star of the bedroom. But the most people just use it to store their glasses, their brace, a book and a cell phone while slumbering. Not such an appealing combination. Your night stand can be so much more with just a few rules to follow. It can express your style and put you in a good mood when waking up. Buying a nightstand doesn’t have to break the bank. Just look at your local thrift stores, flea markets, antique stores, craigslist or Ikea.
There is always something useful which can be jazzed up with a splash of color or new pulls. See what happend with this IKEA dresser. It can be so easy. Or just look around in your apartment, maybe you have a chair or a stool which can be transformed into a nightstand. So once found the perfect base, here are tips for a well-styled nightstand.

1. Start with the lamp. The lamp is the centerpiece. Whether it is one with the base or the one hanging on the wall. The lamp will give the dimension to your nightstand. Great sources for finding a good lamp are Lamps Plus, Lulu & Georgia, Crate&Barrel and WestElm.

2. Accessorize the space. The basic nightstand accessories are: books, candles, boxes, trays, small vases. Thoes are pretty as well as functional. Some reading material to calm down, candles to relax, boxes or trays to store your jewelry or other small pieces and maybe a vase with some flowers, just for the prettiness factor. You are free to use what ever you like. Pictures, deco objects, bowls… But don’t get to wild with the decoration, don’t overload it. Stick to maybe 3-5 pieces which work great together.

3. Get structure. As with the bookshelf, to adding the structure makes the whole thing complete. Your lamp is probably vertical, so you don’t want to place your books vertical too or add some high vase.
Layer the books horizontal and add some soft shapes to smooth the space. A nightstand is not a permanent installation, try different styles and arrangements or swap the pieces according to you mood.

Go get inspired and tell me what do you keep on your nightstand?

1. Styled by Emily Henderson 2. House Tour Apartment Therapy 3. Stephanie Vogler’s Home for Style At Home via The Cross Design 4. Better Homes & Gardens 5. Sneak Peek form Design Sponge 6. Sneak Peek from Design Sponge 7. Photo by Jane Cameron for A Magazine Moment

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