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Hi folks, today I just want to share some pretty images from our short trip to Sausalito, especially to the Sausalito Floating Homes. I have been several times to Sausalito, with the bike, by the foot, with the ferry and by the car. And every time you think you have seen all of this small, behind the Golden Gate Bridge, former artist colony, town, you always discover something new.

This trip’s discovery: fairytale-like floating houses neighborhood. You can see them when taking the 101 highway north, but you should definitely stop by and try to take a peek inside. I say try because some of the piers you can only enter if you are resident or you are a visitor of a resident or a UPS man. Pretend you are not a tourist and don’t use your camera like crazy. Snapshot here and there is probably ok, keep quiet and enjoy the nautical idyll.

For me, this is a place where I want to live when I grow up. Colorful, maritime style houses edge narrow piers full of plants and small benches. There is no square feet without a plant pot.
Take a look yourself, my description truly cannot capture the beauty of this Californian gem.

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