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You know this stores; when you enter them and you think: “Ok, this one is truly amazingly different”. That’s how I felt when I blunderer into {far4} while browsing Seattle’s streets. Located on the 1th Avenue this mix of gallery and store is a must-visit. All items are carefully created by the owner Jenny, who is by the way, super nice and super cute. We had a small chit chat and she gave me great Seattle tips, with self-illustrated map of Seattle on the back of a postcard. I still have it.
Jenny opened the store in collaboration with her brother and parents, but since they are working also on other projects, Jenny is running {far4} by herself. Already known for one-of-a-kind items, far4 is also developing into event location for your special celebration. You can book only the space or the whole package, including the talented Jenny to plan your event. I hope to meet Jenny someday again, so we can have a longer chit chat, but until then we keep in touch via Twitter and Instragram. I hope you guys are going to enjoy this interview as I did while reading. Have fun!

What led you to became a shop owner?
It was a collaborative decision with my family. My brother and I have always worked for and with our parents both of whom are very inspiring entrepreneurs. We previously worked in technology industry, so this was a drastic change and almost kind of like a personal challenge for all of us.

Describe the idea of your store? What is so unique about it?
When we originally opened 5 years ago our main focus was on classical hand crafted porcelain and glass imported from Europe. Throughout the years our collection has evolved into a more broad category of unique objects. We now carry a lot of Seattlebased artists working in various mediums. It is a selection of one of a kind art pieces that have artist names attached to them as well as more mass produced items that still have a unique and precious quality to them. You will probably not see most of these items anywhere else.

The pieces at far4 are very well selected. How do you find all the designers?
I am fortunate that my parents have a porcelain studio in Moscow Russia called Studio Klimenkoff (proof of their entrepreneurial minds!) and a lot of my core collection consists of beautiful objects from their production. We used to attend Maison&Objet in Paris to source unique pieces, artists and manufacturers. These days, thanks to our reputation, we have artists approaching us.

What do you keep in mind when choosing the items for far4?
The main guideline for selecting is whether or not I would have these objects in my home. I also love pieces that reinterpret old traditions with a new modern twist. I am in love with earthenware skulls by Seattle based artist Trevor Jackson! I think his appropriation of Delft tradition and decoration is very clever!

As every job, being a shop owner has also pro and con. What do you love most about your job? What’s not so great?
The most amazing part of my job is working with so many inspiring artists! I also love curating. A lot of times customers ask me if I am an artist myself and I say that I am not but the curation of the store is sort of my art form. There are of course some down sides to my job as well but I prefer not to think about them.

Have you any advice for somebody who would like to open a store or gallery?
It’s a tough question. I am not going to lie, it’s a difficult job to own a small independent store, especially one that’s unique from the rest. Focusing on your online presence is incredibly important. Always providing the best customer service is absolutely crucial. And finally, you need to evaluate whether this type of job will make you happy because at the end of the day you are doing it for yourself.

Shop owner’s dream?
My long term dream is to host {far4} pop ups in some of my favorite cities in US (and eventually in the world). Short term dream, which is something that I am currently actively working on, is to expend {far4} into an event planning “agency”. I would like to be able to use my unconventional approach to sourcing and styling in a context of birthday and cocktail parties and eventually weddings.

Favorite pieces or designers right now?
I am really loving these gorgeous earrings and rings by a local up and coming jewelry designer Megan Stelljes. She interviewed me for a class and upon learning that she was a jewelry designer I asked her if I could see some of her work. I love how modern and feminine her pieces are!

Top 3 destinations?
Paris (duh!), Buenos Aires and San Juan Islands here in PNW.

Currently addicted to…?
20/20 Experience by Justin Timberlake. I play it about 4 times a day at the shop (good thing I don’t have employees or else they might be quitting left and right!)

Night owl or early bird?
It depends on the night. I like waking up early because it makes me feel productive. But I also love late night dinners with friends!

Tell us some of your favorite Seattle spots?
One of my most favorite spots is The Melrose Market. It’s such a treasure! My favorite flower shop is Marigold and Mint, favorite bar is Artusi, favorite shop for unique gifts (for myself!) is Belfry. Favorite places to eat is probably the only one that I can’t say because there are way to many to include here (we’re well fed here in Seattle )

Always in your bag…
My day planner. I would be lost without it!

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