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Hope you are all still enjoying the late summer. It won’t be long before the cozy season comes and invites us to stay at home. So hurry up and surprise your darling or best friend with an spontaneous date night picnic. It’s super easy; next time you decide to go out for dinner, change your plan, order the food to go, grab a blanket(optional), go to your favorite outdoor spot and revel the joy of eating outside and spending some quality time with your loved one. That’s exactly what we did while on vacation in Hamburg. Unfortunately we got the chance to be spontaneous only once during the whole stay, but it was the evening I remember most. I thought of some more late-summer-date-night ideas and here comes some inspiration:

1. Buy some Sushi, go to the Japanese Garden (most cities have one), call your lucky duck and tell him/her to meet you there.

2. Have you ever done a bus tour in your own city? It’s time to do it. On the menu: Something easy to eat like burrito or döner.

3. Rent a paddle boat, organize some salad, spread and bread from your favorite deli and drift away into the sunset.

4. Parks or beaches are always a good idea. There are no limits on the menu, but how about some delicious Italian pasta or Spanish tapas?

5. Your city probably has an unusual, but accessible spot which is great for a date night. Something like a roof deck, a big wall overlooking a harbor, secret stairs, hidden yard, a special landmark, think a little bit and you will find something. And then buy the most dangerously delicious dessert your city has to offer.

What do you think guys? Is there something for you? Would love to hear your special date night ideas.

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