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Local products, artisan food and the word market is always music to my ears. On top of that placed in Napa the Oxbow Public Market is a whole concert to my ears. We discovered this place accidentally couple months ago and since then it’s our favorite spot for some delicious treats when in Napa. Under one roof you will find an organic gorcery store, an oyster bar, tacos, pizzas, seafood, cool coffee and wine bars, ice cream and cheese stands and other small business. It’s paradise for every gourmet-lover.

My three favorites for food are : Kitchen Door and their crispy pizza, creamy clam chowder at the Hog Island Oyster Bar and a cheese board from the Oxbow Cheese and Wine Merchant. No, I didn’t eat this on the same day.

If you are into spirits you must stop at the Napa Valley Distillery stand. It’s a family owned small batch spirits distillery with huge assortment on spirits, tonics and bitters you won’t find anywhere else in the U.S. Plus their stand layout is amazing.

For all ladies out there, you will find some pretty stuff for your next dinner party at the Poor House and for all gents, the Five Dot Ranch has the best meat you need if you are preparing a barbecue or steak, for your lady. I could mention every single shop at this market because they are all good, but you should visit this place yourself – you will love it.

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Oxbow Public Market
610 & 644 First Street Napa, California

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