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The days are getting shorter and the nights colder. Even if I’m more of a summer person, I also love the coziness of the fall and the winter. It means drinking even more hot chocolate and doing stuff at home you don’t really do on warm, breezy summer evenings. My list of things-to-do-someday is so long. And it’s time to start work it off. If you don’t want to spend your evenings with Netflix marathons you might find some inspiration in this ideas for fall evenings.

Right at the start, all this activities can include hot apple cider or hot chocolate. How about this Lavender Hot Chocolate by Freutcake or this Spiked Apple Cider from A Beautiful Mess? With some wool socks, they will provide a big coziness factor for the evening.

Make photo albums – We are hording tons of images on our iPhones or computers, but we forget about them as soon as we take 10 new lunch pictures. It’s sad that we don’t make more of them. At least I’m not doing anything. That’s why I love this idea of Elsie from A Beautiful Mess. Project Life is a much more fun way to arrange your pictures. You could do small albums for vacations or albums with different events or even an Instagram selfie best of. There are tons of ways to make something special with your photos.

Knitting – My grandma always wanted to show me how to knit, but back then it was so uncool. Now I wish I would know how to knit some wool socks for my darling. 😉 This book by Emma Robertson is a great way to start.

Clean up Pinterest – Oh yeah, we all love Pinterest. It’s a great tool. But mine is currently a complete mess. I have more than 6.000 pins and 2.000 likes. Liking seams to be so much easier for me, but it causes the problem that I cannot find anything. Also I have seen pins on my boards, where I ask myself: “Have I pinned this?!?”. So time to make a big mug hot chocolate and clean up this mess. Good thing: You will be reminded of all those recipes you always wanted to make.

Sort out magazine – Do you have piles of magazines, flying trough your apartment? Or cannot you remember where this recipe was you always wanted to make? I love going trough old magazines and finding new inspiration. Currently I don’t have a really smart place to keep them, this might help to find an idea. Also I’m still figuring out what the best way is to collect recipes from magazines? Do you tear them out, do you mark them with a post-it or do you take a picture and upload it to Evernote? If you have any tips on this I would be so thankful.

Plan the next vacation or day trip – This one is really fun. It doesn’t mean that you have to book three vacations immediately, but there are probably places – near or far – you always wanted to visit, but you never took the time to make the research on how far is it, when is the best time or where to stay. I think we should do more weekend/day trip traveling, it’s a great way to escape the everyday life, get inspired and discover amazing things without breaking the bank and planning so much in advance. When we make trips on weekends, the weekend always feel so much longer than just staying at home an watching TV.

Make a real mood board – As with the seasons, I also love to change my real mood boards. It gives gives me a direction of things I would like to do, things that inspire me at the moment and it’s just fun to collect and arrange stuff.

Have a craft party at you place – This one includes a little bit more organization, but I love having girl friends over and crafting something together while eating cookies and sipping on hot chocolate.
You can set the theme and everyone can bring the supplies themselves. Or if you are taking care of the supplies just tell your girl friends to add something to the piggy bank. The pre-holiday season is just perfect for crafting.

I think there are so many other things you can do on a cozy autumn evening, these are some from my #happyfall list. Hope you will find some inspiration and if you have any other idea, let us know in the comments. I would love to hear it.

Have a relaxed weekend, folks.

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