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So many people are notoriously complaining about the weather here in San Francisco. It’s true it can be chilly, but hey – most of the time you don’t really need anything thicker than a good sweater. I usually don’t complain and I love that there are enough people who don’t care that much about Karl, the fog, the wind and temperature around 60°Fahrenheit = 18° Celsius. Every Sunday they grab their picnic chairs, blankets, kids, dogs and are on their way to the Off the Grid picnic at Presidio.


This large scale picnic is organized by the Off the Grid folks who love to connect people over local, yummy, street food and farmers markets. It all started in 2010 with 3 markets and grow into currently 23 weekly markets in the greater Bay Area. OtG is supporting local, small vendors by organizing and promoting all the markets. We are so lucky that we have one just around the corner in Upper Haight, but most of the time we go to the Presidio one.

The atmosphere is great; DJ is playing some beats, people are strolling around, bartenders are mixing some drinks on the lawn and you can enjoy crazy good food while having an amazing view of the Golden Gate bridge. Yep, it’s really like that I’m not making anything up.

So next time when your fridge is empty on a Sunday, you have guest visisting who need to expirience a bit more local SF or you just don’t want to have your usual brunch, this is your place to go. And hey, it’s so cool, that you will forget about the chilly weather.
Check this site to see if there is an Off the Grid market near you.

The Crème Brûlée stand

For news and up dates follow OtG on twitter, facebook and instagram. Plus they have a new app.

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