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Hi friends, hope you all had a great weekend. I’m kicking off week with some pictures from our first real hike this Saturday. You are asking why real? Because it took like 5 hours and solid shoes were involved. That’s real hike for me. We crested the Mount Tamalpais and it was just beautiful. The nature, the views and the air are amazing there. You don’t really feel like walking forever as there is always something spectacular to see. I think I got a real hike fever. Already planning the next one. We started our trip at Equator Coffee & Tea in Mill Valley, 244 Shoreline Hgwy, directly on the junction to Stinson Beach. My new favorite stop before hitting the highway 1 north. They have great coffee, a very good hot chocolate and some pretty delicious pastries. Plus their store looks really cute.

Well supplied with hot drinks we drove the windy Highway 1 to Stinson Beach. Be prepared for some nausea. Even if you have the strongest stomach this street might get you. Arrived in Stinson Beach our hike began at the Dipsea Trail. As soon as you step up the stairs curved trees, narrow paths and small creek make this part feel like you are wandering the enchanted forest.

After the enchanted forest there will be some amazing views of the Pacific followed by the even more amazing Redwood forest and again ocean view and again forest. I can only say, give yourself a push and do this hike. It’s really super fun and even if you are not a big hiker you will love it. I’m pretty sure. Check out the full hike on EveryTrail. We ended our hike on the Stinson Beach with some beer for the fellowship and soft ice cream for me. Absolutely exhausted we made it back to SF and I can tell you, there is no better tiredness as tiredness after a really long hike.

If you have any hike tips here in the Bay Area, send them my way. I’m already preparing for the next one.

Not feeling the urge to hike. Check out my day trip to Stinson Beach.

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