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spring-list-1 One day to go and then spring is officially here. Temperatures are already rising and I’m really looking forward to this blossomy season. More picnics, more time outdoors, more bike riding, less layers and all the trees – trees never look more beautiful than in the spring. My Instagram is flooded with blossoming trees. In Spring everybody seams to be full of energy and drive to make, create and discover something new. I think if we are having resolutions, we should start with them in spring. It’s more likely we will be successful. Because no one is really ready to commit to fresh healthy food or workouts in the morning when your breath turns into ice crystals. spring-list-4 Spring is all about new beginnings and fresh starts. If I want to build a new habit that might be a little bit intimidating, like getting up earlier than usual, running 5 times a week or eating more healthier – for me spring is the time to do it. There are so many things I want to do while a season is in her full bloom, no matter if spring, summer, fall or winter. That’s why I love to create a small season lists of things I
definitely want see happening. spring-list-7 I have one big list, but I prefer to narrow down my favorites and if I achieve them all, then something new moves up. Otherwise, if my list is too long I mostly end up doing nothing. Today I’m sharing my spring list with you guys, maybe you get some inspiration for your own and I get to stick to mine. You can even download it and add some more points. springlist A good friend of mine and an amazing artist, Shiri Ashkenazi , who was introduced to me by the lovely Einat of Design Break, sketched the list for me as I have the worst handwriting ever. And by worse I don’t mean not pretty, I mean cannot read my own notes. Shiri is a great illustrator and a real sweetheart, so go check out her Society6 shop and portfolio. spring-list-5 If you have some traditions or things you like to do in the spring, share it with us in the comments. Let’s make this a bloomy, inspiring season! spring-list-3 spring-list-8 Blossomy greetings

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