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Third day on Maui was dedicated to explore the Iao Valley and the old town of Lahaina. You can easily explore these two before midday, so you have the whole afternoon for some beach time. Iao Valley is huge, but as it turned out, you can only walk some dedicated paths, which maybe takes in all 30 minutes. The valley reminds me so of the tv show LOST. So much endless green. We had a stroll there, took some pictures and walked the small garden with plants you probably don’t see everyday. I say it’s not a day trip but yeah it’s worth visiting.

maui-guide-lahaina-13On the way to Lahaina you will pass by Olowalu and some really nice beaches, a big fruit stand and Leoda’s Kitchen & Pie Shop. I think Leoda’s would be Maui’s hidden gem if there wasn’t for Instagram. They are serving mouthwatering pies. Yes, you should try the coconut pie. They are both just next to each other so make sure to grab some pies, fruits and of course, banana bread. For the first time I drunk fresh coconut water, which was on the pricier side with $9 at this fruit stand, but hey it’s vacations. And boy, that’s a completely new experience than the stuff from tetra pak, which I was never fan of. Olowalu Fruit Stand is like a candy store, only healthier.

maui-guide-lahaina-6Lahaina is the most touristy town on Maui. It was really fun to spend some time there and get some really good food, but I would always prefer something less touristy. Nevertheless it’s a cute town with old cowboy houses that now host souvenir stores, galleries, surf shops and restaurants. And there is also THE banyan tree in Lahaina’s historic district. It’s actually easy to miss because you think there are many trees, but no, it’s only one enormously huge tree. I have never seen such a tree. So impressive.

maui-guide-lahaina-24Few souvenirs and one lunch later we hit the road towards Kaanapali. This seams to be the place where big resorts where born. Along a beautiful beach there are all major hotels lined up. We wanted to make a small break on the beach and continue our journey further north, but laying on the beach and jumping with the waves felt so good, that we didn’t move anywhere else until sunset.

We have returned to Lahaina one more time to have dinner at Start Noodle, which was recommended by so many on Instagram and it really didn’t disappoint. Delicious and affordable with a long waiting line. Which is not a problem as the evenings on Maui are so mild.

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