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Friends, here comes the third part of our Oregon Road Trip. While in Portland, we escaped the city for one day and drove all the way up to Astoria and Cannon Beach. The small coast of Astoria has some sentimental meaning to me and Cannon Beach always looks so beautiful on Instagram so we had to visit it. So you are wondering what’s the sentimental meaning? It’s the Goonies movie, folks! My all time favorite childhood movie took place in Astoria and we went to see some of the places. But also besides that, we just wanted to see a little bit more of Oregon. Astoria is about 2 hours drive north and Cannon Beach about 30 minutes more. It’s really nice drive through woods, passing small towns and old gas stations. Perfect gloomy weather made the whole trip even more relaxed and moody.

Having the big Columbia River on one side and the Ocean on the other, Astoria is a real fisherman town. Fish is sold on every corner, boats are floating in the harbor and net is ready for the next catch. There is a cute downtown lined up with some shops and restaurants and surrounded by lush, woody hills that are hiding pretty Victorian homes.

Unknowingly we parked our car at the starting point of a Riverside Trolly and jumped spontaneously on the wagon just as they were hitting the rails. Sometimes it’s fun to be a tourist. The fee was only $1 and the Trolly from the 50’s was operated by two super cute older people who told stories and history about Astoria. We drove by old canning factories, new breweries, artist lofts, bridges, container ships, the quarters of the coast guard and the Colombia River Maritime Museum.

If you ever find yourself in Astoria I highly recommend taking this tour – one hours well-spend. And if you want to hop on and hop off it’s only $2!!!
After the tour we paid a really short visit to downtown and drove up to the hills to see the Goonies house. It’s actually a private home, but the owners welcome fans to take a picture and leave a small donation if they like. It’s really funny to see places you know from the movies. It was lunch time and my friend Jen, recommended us to gran some sea food from Bow Picker, but unfortunately the line was just too long. And waiting hungry in a line is never a good idea.

We hit the road to Cannon Beach and grabbed some sandwiches from Starbucks. I know, I know…with all the local food and coffee movement going on people feel like Starbucks is super outdated, but I’m sometimes really happy when I see the green coffee sign. When you are somewhere in nowhere it kind of feels safe to see a Starbucks and it feels good to know what you will get – plus they are still making, at least for me, the best hot chocolate.

One hot chocolate and one latte later we arrived at Cannon Beach. And guys, this is where I want to spend the next 4th of July. For me it was the perfect mini coastal town, with wooden beach homes, sand dunes, huge beach and the haystack rocks in the ocean. I can see us sitting on the porch, having a breakfast in the morning or tea in the evening cozied up in a blanket and inhaling the fresh, salty ocean air. I really liked this place. It felt so calm and relaxed. We made a long walk on the beach and watched the people dipping their toes into the cold ocean and trying to get the perfect shot of the Haystack rocks. Btw, we did the same.

Around 4pm it was time for us to hit the road back to Portland. On our way we stopped at …. for some crab meat and fish & chips. And Yelp, didn’t disappoint again.

Back in Portland we went out for dinner and walked over the Burnside Bridge for some spectacular city sunset.

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