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Although I’m not really jumping at a chance to be in front of the camera, I couldn’t resist when my friend and amazing photographer, Marianna Jamadi, asked me to play model for her giveaway collaboration with Sanuk Shoes for their new Kat Collection. We met in Hayes Valley and had lots of fun browsing around, looking for colorful walls, riding a bike and trying to put the shoes in the best light. I discovered Marianna’s work few months back on Tiny Atlas Quarterly and have been following her since then on Instagram until we met in person few weeks ago. She moved to SF!
You can admire her beautiful photography and her travel adventures over at her blog, Nomadic Habit and for more behind the scenes check out her Instagram. Also don’t forget to enter her giveaway for the chance to win a pair of these red beauties I’m wearing.

What you have to do: Head over to her instagram ( and repost the giveaway photo with the hashtag #nomadicKat and tag @nomadic_habit and @sanukfootwear for your chance to win. You can also post a picture with the hashtag #nomadicKat of an exciting place where would you wear your new pair of Sanuk Shoes. Giveaway ends on Dec 23rd, so right in time to get your own present. :) Good luck!

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