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We have cooked. We have styled. We have photographed. Sure, we have eaten. And finally, my friend Giovanna of A Purified Life has released her delicious and healthy e-book Pure & Simple Eats. Giovanna knows what she’s cooking. She is an educated nutritionist and certified natural chef specializing in gluten-free, refined sugar-free and vegetarian food using only pure and quality ingredients.

Her book is a collection of 35 simple dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks to make you comfortable when it comes to choosing the right, nourishing foods for you and learning how to feed yourself well on a daily base. No matter if you want to reboot your system or if you want to change your eating habits, Pure & Simple Eats will support you in eating healthier and feeling healthier inside out while sustaining a balanced lifestyle.

I have tested them all and I love how easy yet yummy her recipes are. You will find a twist on your regular sushi with the Deconstructed Sushi Bowl ( might be my favorite) or for foggy San Francisco days the Creamy Coconut Curry is the way to go. Mornings are covered with light and satisfying eats like Peaches & Cream Smoothie Bowl or Buckwheat Pancakes with Plum Jam. And, yes there are desserts, too. Hard to tell which are my favorites, but I love that I can basically eat all these recipes no matter what time of the day or what season. If something is not in the season you just swap it with something you can find at your farmer’s market.


To get a taste of Giovanna’s cooking skills you can join her Summer Brunch this Saturday ( Aug 15th). She will be whipping up five recipes from her new book and teaching you how to incorporate healthy eating into your busy daily life. Make sure to follow Giovanna on Instagram for updates on her cooking classes and events ( yes, she does that, too) . Now hop over to her shop and I hope you get yourself a copy of Pure & Simple Eats to start changing your eating habits for the better.

PS. For all you sweet teeth Giovanna is making these delicious, melting in one’s mouth, superfood chocolates packed with 24 medicinal mushrooms. Eating chocolate has never been healthier.

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