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I remember when we came to San Francisco in 2012 and moved into our new apartment, our furniture was about two weeks behind us on a shipping container, so we had to sleep in a cold room on an air bed, which, like a swiss clock, deflated every night and we would wake up bottoms on the floor, legs and arms in the air. Yes, it was a fun time, full of hourly runs to the local hardware store, tearing out carpets, painting walls and tiles, sanding kitchen cabinets and eating on the ladder. Patrick and I were both totally new to all this apartment repair stuff and even if I sound cheesy now, we couldn’t have done it without the help of Apartment Therapy’s website. I stumbled upon Apartment Therapy already back in Germany, swooning over the beautiful homes and dreaming of submitting my own one day. And while AT was always a great design inspiration, I found it immensely helpful when it came to all the tips and tricks about renovating, cleaning and DIY-ing.

Now three years later, while I’m redefining my style one room at the time, I couldn’t be more happy to have Apartment Therapy Complete and Happy Home book as perfect guide when it comes to creating a space where it’s not only about pieces of furniture but about a feeling of home and comfort. The book focuses on three parts which will help you achieve your feel-good space. Starting with “Setting Up Your Home” the makers of Apartment Therapy share all their wisdom from how to find the perfect home – are you the modern green home or are you the craftsman bungalow? Followed by setting up a room with healthy vibrations, to choosing the right colors and floors. I loved the definitions and illustrations of the Style DNA, as I’m finally able to express myself better when describing my own style.


The part “Living In Your Home” will get your creative juices flowing with the load on inspiration from amazing homes around the world. Descriptions about and insight into the design/decorating process make it super easy to reconstruct the inspiration into your own ideas. I couldn’t contain myself but to immediately get rid of our ten-years-old Billy bookcase and bring in a nice, stylish bookshelf to jazz up our living room. The whole room looks now pulled together and completed.

apartment-therapy-complete-happy-home- @FluxiOnTour

The pages of part two are full of easy to adapt concepts for your own space and believe me, you will flip through and be like: “Oh wait, I have something similar, let me just try it out!” – and voilá, a new detail decorates your home. From the living room to the mud room, there are light bulbs on every page which will animate you to experiment with things you already have, yet might need only a new spot.


Last but not least is the part which I found to be very entertaining and practical – “Maintaining Your Home”. For all the cleaning bugs out there and for everyone who needs a bit more help to keep their homes organized, chapter three reviles best cleaning methods for all corners of your home – broken up month by month, how to fix stuff (bye,bye dripping faucet!), building a basic cleaning + repair kit, and how to get organized so you can enjoy your home and not be distracted by scattered knick-knacks.
Since few weeks, I’m full speed ahead with my re-decoration intentions and I love how everything is coming together easily when you have guidance and now where to start. Yes, my goal is to get my apartment submitted to Apartment Therapy one day, but until then I highly recommend get this book and dive into it, one room at the time.

*I received this book by Blogging for Books for a review, but all opinions are my own.

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