Can I Rent a Hotel Room For a Few Hours?

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can i rent a hotel room for a few hours

On many occasions you need a hotel room just for a few hours; could be because you had a long flight or because you have long waiting hours for the next flight. Worst case scenario, your flight just got delayed and you have no place to stay.

A few years back, finding a hotel room for a few hours was quite a hassle. You had to individually call the hotel management and ask if something could be done-while some accommodated, others didn’t and those which did were quite expense. Thankfully now there are a lot of companies that can get your work done in no time.

How to Book a Room?

There are many websites that are willing to get you a room for a few hours. You simply have to fill in the details of your arrival and departure and they will reserve a room for you accordingly. The option to cancel depends on the site you are using. While some websites allow you cancel a few hours before your arrival time, others want a day or two’s notice before cancellation.

The cash deposit prior to your arrival depends on the hotel you choose to book. Some hotel policies indicate that you must pay half of the cost in advance for verification while others do not ask for any deposit. You can pay them in full once you reach the hotel.

It is best if you check the policies of the hotel before booking. Since there are a lot of options, you won’t have a lot of problem finding the hotel that meets all your demands.

These hotels mostly charge you by the hour, depending on the ambience and service of the hotel, the charges vary greatly. If you are looking for something cheap, you can add it in your preferences while searching. However, if you are looking for a high class hotel with good amenities including a spa or a swimming pool, you will have to pay a bit more.

Is It Safe?

There are a lot of ways to answer this question but let’s first start with the most basic safety question: will your identity be safe? If you are using a safe website like, you are in safe hands. Most of the reliable hotel booking websites make sure that your information remains secure. As long as you choose a good website, you have nothing to worry about.

Over the last few years, hourly hotels have no doubt gotten a bad reputation. One of the biggest reason being the purpose for which they are being used. Many travelers worry about the safety of their family, if you’re one of them, it is best to read the online reviews about the particular place you are about to book. Moreover, check the location of the hotel on the map. Make sure that the hotel is not in a very isolated area and has other shops and stores nearby. This way you will not only be safe but will also have the option to go around and spend some time outside.

Why Choose an Hourly Hotel?

If you’re tight on budget after a long vacation, it is best if you choose an hourly hotel to stay in. If you choose to book a hotel room which charges by the day, you will have to pay a lot more. Plus, these hotels have restrictive check in and checkout times which can be hassle if you just got off a long flight.

Many people even book an hourly hotel room for work. There are days when you need some time to work on a project quietly before you get home. In this case you can simply book a room for a few hours to get your work done.

Need some time for yourself?, book a hotel room. It has never been easier. If you’re a tired housewife who needs a few hours away from your family to be at peace, this is one way to go.

Many people who are travelling by car need to rest for a few hours before getting back on the road. This is a wise and safe way to travel as you need to sleep and reenergize. A lot of hotels have overnight discount deals so if you are travelling at night, you’re in luck.

Business Investment

If you’re looking to open a hotel, an hourly hotel is a great investment. This is because many people prefer paying by the hour than for the whole day. This is why most hotels that aren’t hourly have the maximum number of vacant rooms. So rather than profiting from your business, you’re losing money.

You can also choose to have both options. People who want to pay by the hour can do so while others can pay for the whole day. This way you will make sure you’re not losing money.

When to Avoid Using Hourly Hotels?

If you plan on staying at a certain place for over a day, you should avoid booking an hourly hotel. This is because an hourly rent will cost you a lot more than a regular hotel. Similarly, these hotels do not come with a lot of amenities unless you have a high budget. They only come with a bed, a TV and a cable with not a lot of entertainment channels. If you have kids with you, they’re bound to get bored. Thus for a long stay, you should avoid such hotels.


As life keeps on getting faster, hourly hotels have become more of a necessity. Business men and women who are constantly travelling waste a lot of money on hotels where they pay for the whole day. Thus, this is a cheaper alternative for a lot of people.

With time we can hope that the bad reputation of such places is abridged for the better.

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