How Much is a Trip to The Bahamas?

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how much is a trip to the Bahamas

If you’re looking for a quintessential vacation at the Caribbean, well look no further; Bahamas is by far the best option. With some of the most exquisite beaches and mesmerizing scenery, the place is no less than a tour to paradise.

Situated in the West Indies, the Bahamas is a famous tourist destination. You can book a direct flight to the country through various cities in the United States and Canada.

Calculating The Cost

When they say it’s better in the Bahamas, they’re not making it up. However, to experience that “better” you will have to have to prepare yourself for an expensive trip.

The Bahamas compromises of around 700 islands spreading across 100,000 square miles of ocean like the Grand Bahama which is the 4th largest island. Even after considering the cost, these crystal clear waters are definitely worth a visit. Excluding the price of your tickets, a person can expect to spend around 1700 Bahamian dollars or more for a 2 week visit. Here’s how we breakdown the specifics:

Flight Costs

The cost of the flight mostly depends on the time of the year you choose to travel in. If you want to visit the Bahamas during summer, it’s going to cost you more since it’s the peak tourist season. However, if you are willing to wait till fall, the prices tend to decrease by a few hundred dollars.

For example, a round trip flight from LA to Bahamas costs around $600 in September but in June, the price goes up to around $1000.

The prices may vary depending on the airlines as well.


This can be the most crucial part of the trip for most travelers. If you’re on a tight budget and looking for cheap accommodation, the least you can expect to pay in $95 per night. The prices go higher depending on the type of hotel you want to stay in.

The Bahamas offers a wide variety of five star hotels which can take your travel experience to a whole new level. Staying at a hotel such as the British Colonial Hilton Nassau can cost up to $471. But, only if you have availed the vacation packages available at sites such as the Orbitz, Priceline and Expedia. These packages are bundled with flights and are comparatively cheaper. Note that most of the island hotels and resorts are for adults only.

The best option is often Airbnb, where travelers can choose to snag in a house or a room in cheap prices in some of the most central locations.


If you plan on staying at the beach, the good news is that it’s going to be free. However, if you wish to be a part of other activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving or parasailing it’s going to cost you a few hundred dollars. Simpler inland activities such as visiting the museum only cost $20. Unfortunately other activities such as a four hour kayaking trip on an average costs up to $70. Same goes for a half day snorkeling trip.

Other extravagant adventures such as parasailing cost around $300 but since these activities usually accommodate a group of people, you can split the price.


Unlike other things, local food in the Bahamas is pretty cheap. A meal including fish and dessert can cost as less as $10. Similarly, restaurants serving other cuisines such as American or U.K don’t cost that much either; the maximum you will have to pay is $25.

To sum it up, a meal per person will cost you $12 a day-this includes all the drinks you decide to take with your meal.


The most ideal season at the Bahamas is from Mid-December to Mid-April. However, you can visit the place all year round. The summers are the driest season of the year with the hurricane season lasting from June to November.

If you’re a family or a couple looking to spend some peaceful time at the Bahamas, it is best if you avoid travelling during the spring break season. This is because at that time most college students hit the island to party.

What to Do at The Bahamas?

Once you’re in Bahamas, you are never going to run out of things to do. Other than hitting the natural wonders i.e. the beaches, you can take boat tours to different islands of the country. You can charter a boat and head out to fish, snorkel and even swim with wild pigs!

Many boat tours offer access to private islands where you can spend time on the pristine beaches, savor a lunch or simply spend time in the crystal clear waters.

It is highly recommended that you visit the Paradise Island, Atlantis. The resort complex at the Paradise Island provides top-notch residence and is home to multiple restaurants, a golf course and a casino. Other than its 11 swimming pools the place is home to a water park known as the Aquaventure. Moreover, the resort holds the world’s largest open air marine habitat which is filled with rays, sharks, piranha and eels.

There are 3 national parks in Bahamas but the best one by far is the Lucyan National Park. Spreading across 40 acres of mangrove land, the national park also contains the impressive “Gold Rock Beach”, the Burial Mound Cave and the Ben’s cave which was featured in the James Bond movie “Never say never”.


It is never a bad idea to visit the Bahamas. Plan your trip advance keeping your budget in mind. Carry out a thorough research on the places you want to visit and the hotel you want to stay in. The prices may vary depending on different factors such as the season or the number of people making the trip. If you’re low on budget, consider spending less on accommodation and more on the activities, this way you will get the true experience of the country.

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