What Airlines Are Not on Google Flights?

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what airlines are not on google flights

One of the most powerful flight search engines on the internet is Google flights. Not only is it easy to use but also comes with multiple features that make hunting for cheap flights a lot easier. With over 300 airlines and online agency partners, Google flights without doubt can help you find the best airfares.

How Does Google Flights Work?

Google flights is a search engine used to find cheap flights. It works by using the Global distribution system or GDS. Using this system, the search engine shows all the prices offered by the online travel agencies, these prices are then shown to the customers. You will be shown round-trip airfares including the taxes and the fees for extra luggage, if any.

Google Flights does not have an app; you will have to open the website on the phone or your laptop.

Advantages of Google Flights

In the year 2018, Google flights revealed a crucial design overhaul. By adding some new features and reconfiguring the existing ones, this powerful search engine took the game a whole new level. Here is a list of a few specific advantages of Google flights:

  1. Lightening fast speed: Google flights is capable of displaying airfares for over a month in just a fraction of a second. You’re not going to find a search engine that works faster than this.
  2. Calendar-based airfare: The results are shown in a simple calendar based view that find the cheapest airfares for the next 12 months. This makes travelling a whole lot easier and affordable.
  3. Multiple airport searches: Without slowing down the search by even a second, Google flights allows you to search the cheapest flights from seven different origin and destination airports. This way you can compare the costs and choose the flight that suits you the best.
  4. Map based search: The explore map of Google flights lets you view the cheapest places to fly to from your airport during your selected date and time slots.

Disadvantages of Google Flights

Just like every other search engine, Google flights also has a few flaws. Here is a list of those flaws:

  1. Doesn’t always show the lowest fares: The results shown by G flights are those tickets that are either sold directly by the airlines or the online agencies that have partnered up with the engine such as Orbitz or Expedia. Most of the times, the cheapest airfares are present on small online travel companies which G Flights does not show.
  2. Doesn’t find mistake fares: Another drawback is that G Flights does not display results from mistake fares. These airfares are only available on smaller online agencies.
  3. Displays deals that are unavailable: Once in a while, G flights will show you that a certain fare is available at the chosen time slot but as soon as you click it:
  • The airfare increases
  • There is no way to book the flight

In case this happens you should know that you have been “ghosted” and the sad part is that this happens quite a few times when you’re looking for a flight through G flights.

Why Some Flights Aren’t Included?

G Flights will only show results of airlines or agencies that have a partnership with it. For this reason, you may find much cheaper flights on other search engines. Some of the major airlines missing on the search engine are: Southwest airlines, Thai Airways, China Eastern, Air China and many more.

However, since G Flights is not only fast but also reliable, a lot of people prefer using it instead. In other cases a flight may not show because:

  1. All the tickets have been sold out
  2. The flight has been cancelled

Are The Prices Accurate?

G flights is without doubt a safe and reliable search engine. In general, all the prices on G flights are accurate and the same as that on the sites of the airlines. However, once in a while the prices displayed on the site might be outdated.

This is mostly due to fare ghosting. This means that the airline has changed their prices but the change is not being reflected immediately on G flights. When you try to book the flight, the prices go up and you end up believing that the engine is a scam but that is not true; It is an honest mistake.

How to Book or Cancel Flights From Google Flight?

G flights is not a site for booking your tickets, it does not sell any tickets thus you can’t buy any directly from G flights. While it shows you the available prices from different agencies, it is not an agency itself

Therefore, you cannot select your seat, pay for a flight or cancel your flight from G Flights directly. You will have to contact the dealers i.e. the airlines or the agency selling the ticket to buy or refund it.


All in all, G Flights is one of the best options if you’re looking to book cheap flights for you or your family. While most sites claim to show the best prices, that’s not entirely true. You may come across several cheaper options while going through G Flights.

It is still in your best interest to go through different online agencies both small and big, compare the prices and then choose the flight you choose to board. Simply put in your travel dates and any further specifications to come across the best result.

Booking and choosing your flight has never been this easy. Thus rather than going to each airline site individually, stay on the lookout for trusted and legitimate search engines. Some agencies might not deal with some airlines but another agent would. Therefore, make sure you have gone through all the options before buying a ticket. You will no doubt come across a better airfare this way.

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