When Are Airline Tickets The Cheapest?

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when are airline tickets the cheapest

Searching for cheap flights? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Whether it’s a holiday, a business trip or a family vacation, everyone is on the lookout to reduce their travel expenses and why not! It’s only smart to save money for the actual part of your trip.

Booking Your Ticket in Advance

Most passengers swear by this golden rule. If you book your ticket 6 weeks in advance, you will have to pay 6% less than the actual price of the ticket. A study carried out by a ticket transaction company: Airlines Reporting Corporation proved that the lowest price of a domestic flight can be found 57 days before the departure of the flight. Similarly, the lowest average price of an international ticket can be availed 171 days in advance. If you’re tight on budget, you should hang on to this rule.

Do Flights Get Cheaper Close to Their Date?

Some studies claim that the worst time to buy tickets is when they’re first released. Thus, if you’re planning on a trip months in advance it may back fire. Yes, some flights do get cheaper when they’re close to their departure date but not all. Similarly, there is a high chance that the ticket prices might decrease and then go back up. This depends from airline to airline, if the demand for a certain flight increase near the departure date, the prices is bound to increase. The worst part, it can happen to anyone at anytime. In simple words, it’s a tricky business. What you can do is check prices of the flight frequently and observe a pattern or a shift in the prices.

Are Airfares Cheaper on Tuesday?

The internet claims that Tuesday is the best day to buy a ticket. The logic behind this that some airlines announce their deals by Monday evening; in order to catch up, by Tuesday, other airlines announce their own deals as well. Thus, you have a wide range of relatively cheaper deals to choose from.

The problem with this is that “Tuesday afternoons” varies depending on which part of the world you’re in. Secondly, this isn’t something that is bound to be true every time. If you’re in luck, yes you might get a cheaper ticket but airlines do not reduce their prices for people who purchase tickets on Tuesdays.

According to a study carried out by the Alternative airlines on average, people pay less on Thursdays and Fridays compared to Tuesdays. Moreover, they spend the most on tickets on Saturday and Sunday than any other days of the week.

What’s The Best Day to Buy a Ticket?

Now the question is that if Tuesday isn’t the best day of the week to buy a ticket then which is? The answer is that that there isn’t one. Buying a cheap ticket may depend on a lot of variables but this isn’t one of them. If you’re looking to book cheap flights, there are various search engines online that can help you with that. Google Fights is one of the best flight search engines but at times the cheapest flight rates can be found on smaller online agencies. Thus, the best way is to do a thorough study, check out various sites and compare the prices. Prices also vary depending on tourist peak seasons, if you want to spend less, it is best if you book a flight during the off-peak season.

Tips For Finding The Cheapest flights

Keep Searching

If you really want to come across a cheap flight, you must keep looking. The worst plan is to settle for the first flight that you see. Go to different search engines, checkout out different airlines. Just like every other reward, you need to work for this one too.

Be Flexible

Not everything in life can be as you want it to be. Similarly, you can’t expect a cheap flight to appear exactly when you want one. You may save quite a few dollars if you shift your travel dates, even if slightly. Even a day’s change can make a huge difference. Thus, use an online tool such as the Alternative Airlines best airfare finder to find the cheapest ticket dates.

Take a Long Layover

If you’re willing to have a long stopover, your tickets will cost you way less than a regular transit. Many people avoid buying such tickets because they believe they’ll be wasting their time at boring airports but it doesn’t have to be that way. This time can be used as a bonus holiday, you can go out visit the city and go for some shopping. It’ll be a whole new adventure so why not!

Hunt For Offers

Before buying a ticket, be on the lookout for sales and promotions. Many websites such as Expedia and Orbitz have some of the best deals for you and your family. There are also a few voucher sites that you can visit for additional sales. Yes, you will have to make a little effort searching, but it’ll be worth it.

The Real Cheap Dates to Buy Tickets

Now here’s the deal. If you’re still looking for a particular day to buy cheap tickets, you have a few options. One of these options is Black Friday when you are bound to find some of the cheapest flights. Next, there is cyber Monday i.e. the Monday after thanksgivings. By this time the black Friday offers are updated and even better. Then there is the Boxing Day which is a public holiday. While it is not celebrated everywhere in the world, it marks the start of Christmas sales.

All in all you do have a few options, it depends on if you’re smart enough to be on the lookout to avail these offers.

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